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 Accounting / Advisory / Assurance / Tax – NATIONWIDE
Client has over 100 job openings over 20 different locations nationwide
Tax Manager, Assurance Manager, Cyber/IT Risk Manager, Financial Advisory, Valuation
Boston, Chicago, Cleveland, Miami, Hartford, Houston, Los Angeles, Nashville, New York City, Philly and more!

HR Generalist/Manager – Willits, CA
3-5 years of directly related Human Resources experience
Compliance specialist
Previous work with a CPG company preferred

Sales Director – Southern CA & San Francisco
7 -10 years of sales experience in an executive-level position
BA/BS in Marketing or Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree

Bookeeper, Los Angeles, CA
3 years experience as a bookkeeper
3 years experience with QuickBooks
Cannabis experience preferred

Cannabis Senior Audit/Assurance Manager/Specialist – Hartford, CT
7-10 years Public Audit Experience
CPA Required
Advanced knowledge of generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP)/Tax Law Knowledge


Hemp Farm Manager – Salt Lake City, UT
Experience growing hemp/cannabis on 1+ acre
Demonstrated farm planning experience
Large scale vegetable / organic farming a plus

Lab Department Director, Princeton, NJ
7-10 years lab experience
ISO 17025 experience
Previous experience in lab management, P&L, Budgeting and ROI


Lab Manager, Princeton, NJ
7-10 years lab experience
ISO 17025 experience
Previous experience in a cannabis testing lab a plus


Trim Room Manager, Lowell, OR
Reliable Transportation
Strong Inventory Background
Cannabis/METRC Experience a plus

Head Grower, Fall Creek, OR
3 Years Experience as Head Grower
1 Year Experience Controlled Environment
2 Years Management Experience

Business Valuation Manager/Director – Miami/Fort Lauderdale FL
5 years experience in Business Valuation (8 Years Preferred)
CFA, CVA, ASA, and/or ABV valuation credential
Bachelors or better in Business Administration or related field.


Cannabis Asst. Grower / Cult Tech / Trimmer, Zolfo, FL
Previous Cannabis experience
2 years Nursery Experience (Asst Grower)

Must pass background and drug test

Cannabis Packaging / Manicuring / Maintenance, Tampa, FL
Hard working, reliable and able to multi-task
2 Years experience preferred
Background check and Drug Test Required

Budtender, Bay City, MI
Michigan Resident
Customer Service, Cash Handling, Retail Experience
Knowledge of cannabis.

Pre-Roll Team, Bay City, MI
Experienced in completing repetitive tasks at a fast pace
Background in cannabis and crafting pre-rolls using many methods
ServSafe Certified

Web Developer, Bay City, MI
2+ years’ experience in application development and testing
 1+ years’ SDLC implementation experience
Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science or related field (Master’s preferred)


Handyman Services, Bay City, MI
Minimum of 2 years’ working experience in a similar role.
Solid experience with plumbing and electrical systems.
Ability to work with hardware tools and power equipment.

CPA/Staff Accountant, Bay City, MI
Bachelor’s degree in finance, business administration, accounting, or related field
CPA license is preferred
10+ years of progressively responsible experience and training

Processing Manager, Bay City, MI
Experience working with LARA regulations
5+ years previous experience in a cannabis processing center
Previous Management of a processing center

Dispensary Manager, Bay City, MI
5+ Years retail management experience required
Previous Cannabis experience required
Knowledge and experience of LARA regulations a plus

Compliance Manager, Bay City, MI
Previous Compliance Experience
Experience with Michigan Cannabis Laws

Sales Rep, Bay City, MI
Previous Cannabis Sales Experience a plus
10+ years experience in sales

Product Development & Blending Manager, Longmont, CO
Chemistry Degree and 5 years experience
cGMP Facility environment experience
Has worked with full spectrum extracts, not just CBD isolate

Cannabis Accountant, Columbus, OH (Remote)
3-4 years of big firm experience, and auditing experience
GAAP financial statements, 280E and 471 compliance
CPA Preferred

Business Admin & HR, Quincy, WA
Previous Business Admin experience
Previous HR experience
Cannabis experience preferred

Marketing / Social Media Manager, Yelm, WA
Experience with Graphic Design in Cannabis
Experience Managing business social media pages
Strong writing, video editing, presentation and communication skills
$20-25/Hour (Remote work possible)

Distribution Sales Rep, Quincy, WA
Valid WSDA Applicator License
Previous experience in the cannabis/hemp industry
Previous experience as a Distribution Sales Rep

$40,000/year + $5K Bonus

Asst. Dispensary Manager, Lacey, WA
3-5 years Retail Store Management Experience
Associates Degree in Business Admin or related field
Proficient in MS Excel, Access and Word

Head of Cannabis Cultivation, Guthrie, OK
1-2 years head cannabis grower experience
Develop and maintaining grow house protocols and SOP’s
Experience cultivating 10,000 sqft or more

Asst. Grower, Guthrie, OK
Previous experience in a large-scale commercial cannabis environment.
Farm or agricultural experience
Knowledge of techniques/equipment for planting, cultivating, handling and harvesting products for consumption

Cannabis Sales, Guthrie, OK
Cannabis sales or connections in the cannabis industry
Lived at least 2+ years in OK preferred.
$200/week draw with 5-7% Commission 

Audit Supervisor, Champaign, IL
3-5 years public accounting with emphasis in auditing
Previous Cannabis, Construction, Manufacturing or Agricultural experience
GAAP and IFRS  Experience

CBD Oil Sales (Remote)
Current Books of Business for CBD Oil
Previous experience selling wholesale CBD Oil
Company is located in Jamaica
Commission Only

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HempStaff can help you find Cannabis Jobs, Hemp Jobs or CBD Jobs!
Below is a list of just a few of our most popular jobs!

Accounting / Administrator

Accounting / Administrator

Just like any other business, employees are needed to keep track of the company’s records and finances. The Accounting professional will take care of managing the budgets, payroll, taxes, etc. The Admin professional will take care of managing patient records, and quite often be the person that verifies the users MMJ Card at the entrance of the dispensary. The Administrator position is also a good entry level position, for those who are looking to gain knowledge about the industry and work their way up in a Marijuana Dispensary. Other types of high-level Administrators include Compliance Managers, Production Managers and Office Managers. This is true for Cannabis, Hemp or CBD Jobs!

Budtender, Dispensary Agent, Dispensary Tech

Budtender, Dispensary Agent, Dispensary Tech

Dispensary Jobs and Budtender Jobs are the most sought after cannabis jobs in the industry for entry-level. Budtenders are the face of the dispensary! The ones whom patients interact with on a daily basis. Dispensary Agents are responsible for greeting patients, orienting them about strains and use, methods of delivery and titration (dosage). Budtenders must know how each strain works to alleviate the different debilitating illnesses for which the cannabis was recommended. Dispensary Agents must be keenly aware of the difference of Indica, Sativa and their hybrids. A Budtender will maintain records of effectiveness of the strain for the patient for long-term study and future reference and to also maintain the dispensary legitimacy. The Budtender should be personable, groomed and knowledgeable about the industry. They will be trained by the Dispensary Manager and should attend formal Budtending Seminars or Schooling. There may be part-time positions available as well as full-time. The days you can even find CBD Jobs to work in a non-licensed facility selling CBD. A Budtender Salary usually starts between $13-16 per hour. Looking to become a Budtender?

Click Here for our dispensary training schedule and get the training needed to land your dream job!

Cultivation Supervisor (Assistant Grower)

Cultivation Supervisor (Assistant Grower)

The Cultivation Supervisor oversees the Grow Crew and Trimmers. They are there to fill in for the Master Grower when they are unavailable. They are the equivalent of an understudy – they must know everything the Master Grower knows, and maintains the day to day operations of the cultivation site and trains the remainder of the crew. In addition, there are usually several cultivation site workers that are under the Assistant Grower to help with the day to day tasks.

Delivery Driver

Delivery Driver

Companies with a marijuana dispensary license may be allowed to deliver products to patients who are infirm or homebound. The driver must be patient, kind and courteous with patients – this is a medical house call. They should like being around people and helping others, with a good clean driving record. The Driver may NEVER drive while impaired and should be knowledgeable of the area they will be covering. Generally the order will be called in with a Budtender who will assist the customer, based on the patient’s history and illness. There may be part-time positions available as well as full-time. There will also be a company courier in some states, which will transport cannabis from the cultivation center to processing center and/or dispensary.

Dispensary Manager

Dispensary Manager

The face of a dispensary. The manager must interface with staff, law enforcement, vendors, and landlords. The main responsibility of the dispensary manager is to coordinate and facilitate transactions of the dispensary. A Dispensary Manager must maintain records, have contact with the grow sites, embrace patient education and understand marketing. The manager will train employees and decide which product to carry and determine best pricing based on market conditions. Dispensary Managers are responsible for keeping up with all changes in local and state law regarding the operation of the facility. The most important job of the dispensary manager is to ensure that only the best and safest quality medicine is available at the dispensary. Once again think of CBD Jobs for this as well – all those CBD Shops need managers as well.


Cannabis Extractor

This is one of the most sought after, highest paying, and dangerous cannabis jobs in the Marijuana industry. An extractor is the person that takes marijuana (trimmings and/or flower) and makes hash and/or concentrates using different methods such as CO2, Butane or Nitrogen. These might then be packaged and sold or infused into an edible. An extractor must be extremely knowledgeable in this process to avoid the possibility of explosions, especially when dealing with large quantities at once. They must be aware of things like the room venting and how to monitor alarms for gas leaks, in addition to knowing the proper techniques to maximize the extraction potency.

Laboratory Workers

Laboratory Workers

Testing is one of the biggest growing sectors in the Marijuana Industry and not something many people think of when thinking about cannabis jobs. More and more testing labs will be opening up each year as local and state governments vow to make marijuana as safe as possible for patients. If you like working with the science end of marijuana then this may be the place for you. The Lab workers will be dissecting and testing marijuana to ensure there or no pesticides, no heavy metals such as lead, and the proper amounts of cannabinoids, especially THC and CBD levels.

Marketing / Sales

Marketing / Sales

Just like any other industry, your company will not succeed unless people know you exist. Many dispensaries have started hiring marketing and sales teams to assist with getting their name and brand out there. This is usually in the recreational market, as most marijuana markets do not allow marketing or advertising. The Marketing and Sales Team will also assist with creating logos and sales to bring more attention and patients to the dispensary. Again this can apply to Cannabis, Hemp or CBD Jobs!

Master Grower

Master Grower

The Master Grower is in charge of overseeing the construction and design of the grow operation. He/she maintains the environment for the room and trains the Apprentices and/or Supervisors to do the job while he/she is away. The Master Grower is mainly there to see that the schedule and method advocated is followed according to specs and protocols. Daily records must be kept that document changes in chemicals and lighting for future reference, guidance and consistency. The Cultivation Site will have a log that is maintained by the Master Grower. They will monitor each harvest so medication and alteration patterns can be studied. A Master Grower Salary can range from $80-$150K, depending on location and size of the grow.



There are many different needs for Security in the Marijuana Industry. Some dispensaries and cultivation centers will have on site security guards, just to make their employees and patients feel safer. Some dispensaries in the lower income areas may have their security be the one to check the MMJ Cards, to detour robbers at the entry. Also quite often security will be needed to ride along with the manager to the bank, to make large cash deposits. With Marijuana being an expensive commodity and an almost completely cash business, security is a must!

Trimmer / Cultivation Site Worker

Trimmer / Cultivation Site Worker

Marijuana Trimming Jobs – this is where many of those looking for cannabis jobs will start out. Trimmers are responsible for the manicuring and preparing of the medicine. They must be able to take raw material and prepare it for curing. This entails cutting the buds off the branches and getting them ready for the Master Grower to cure. Most people that go into the Cultivation side should expect to start here, even if they have attended marijuana classes by a cannabis career institute or cannabis training university. The next on the list of cannabis jobs is a Marijuana Site Worker or Cultivation Site Worker; they maintain the plants, ensuring the chemicals and lighting are monitored according to the cultivation site schedule. This position may also include harvesting which entails cutting down, hanging, planting, pruning, feeding, etc. There may be part-time positions available as well as full-time.


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