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Due to the high volume of people looking for cannabis jobs, HempStaff does not post cannabis job openings online and we do not “collect” resumes.

Our cannabis recruiters use the information you provide us with on this form when actively searching for candidates that match the requirements for any of our cannabis jobs. Please be as thorough as possible when filling the form out.

Use the notes section to mention any past experience that may apply to cannabis jobs, including items like Customer Service, Accounting, Retail, Horticulture, etc.  Also, mention where you would be willing to relocate to, if you are indeed willing to relocate.

If you have legal cannabis experience, please be sure to include that information in the notes section, include where you worked, how many years, what your cannabis title was, and what duties you performed.  ONLY list experience you have with a legal state licensed cannabis company.  Do NOT list any illegal experience or your registration will be removed.

If you match the requirements of any of our marijuana job openings in your area, one of our cannabis recruiters can contact you. You will also be sent an email when we have new cannabis training for dispensary jobs in your state.

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