What is a Cannabis Recruiter?

Curious what working with a cannabis recruiter is really like? Perhaps you are a cannabis entrepreneur who needs to expand your team. Or maybe you are a professional looking for marijuana jobs. Regardless of your current position, you may be interested in what a marijuana recruiter’s job entails. After all, what does working with a […]

5 Ways Top Cannabis Industry Recruiting finds the Best Candidates

Want to hire the best people for your cannabis business? Of course, you do! That’s where Cannabis Industry Recruiting comes into play! Building a strong team is a high priority for nearly every company, let alone those with job openings in medical marijuana. People are the backbone of any great business. In an unpredictable landscape […]

5 Key Benefits of Hiring a Cannabis Headhunter for Your Cannabis Business

Need to hire qualified candidates to grow your cannabis business? You’re not alone. The cannabis industry is expanding worldwide. While this industry is turbulent as ever, businesses are persevering and growing at rapid rates. Like with any business, people are the backbone of a successful cannabis operation. So hiring the right people is crucial. However, […]

The 5 Hiring Practices of Highly Successful Cannabis Business

Hiring is one of the most important decisions your cannabis business will make. Hire the right people and your company will be operating at peak performance. Hire the wrong people and you could be facing a lawsuit. Operating in the cannabis industry is risky business. Which means finding the right people to build your team […]

Top 10 Budtender Interview Questions

Looking for Bud-tender Interview Questions? We have complied the Top 10 Budtender Interview Questions below! Dispensary agents, commonly referred to as budtenders, are the face of the dispensary and the face of the industry. However, not many owners, especially those who have ever been in the cannabis industry before are sure wha budtender interview questions […]