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Cannabis Recruiting

HempStaff formed in 2014, as a pioneer cannabis staffing agency.  Since that time, we have helped hundreds of cannabis businesses with NO UPFRONT COST! We understand just how important being a marijuana recruiter is – no matter if it is the hemp, recreational marijuana or medical cannabis – it’s all about finding the right team members that will work towards one goal, building a successful business!

We service all of North America, including the US, Canada and Puerto Rico. We have a large team of cannabis recruiters in our cannabis staffing agency, no matter where you are located HempStaff can help! As a business owner, your time is better spent running the day to day operations of managing a business. Do you have the extra time to sit around and browse through the hundreds of resumes you will receive every time you post a job? This can be frustrating, especially when three quarters of them don’t even remotely match the job requirements you set forth in your description. A cannabis staffing agency could be your solution!

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