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Welcome to HempStaff! Cannabis Industry Recruiting and Dispensary Training

HempStaff is the industry leader in recreational or medical marijuana staffing, recruiting and dispensary training. We specialize in helping experienced people find the perfect job to advance their careers but we are also there for the inexperienced candidate as well, with training that can help them get into that entry level position.

At HempStaff we strive to find the perfect match for Employers and Employees in the Cannabis Industry. While we specialize in management level marijuana jobs, such as Dispensary Managers, Edibles and Extraction Production Managers and Master Growers, we do staff ALL positions for marijuana cultivation centers, dispensaries, production facilities and testing labs. From Trimmers to Master Growers, Receptionists to Dispensary Managers, we’ve got your cannabis industry jobs covered!

As the industry grows across America, so does HempStaff! Our services are currently available in Cannabis markets around the USA, including but not limited to: Arizona, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Illinois, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Nevada, New York, New Mexico, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Vermont, Washington and Washington D.C.

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For our candidates with previous legal marijuana experience, we believe in building relationships. HempStaff takes the time to get to know our candidates and clients on a personal level so we can be sure that both will be pleased with our services. We want our candidates and clients to be able to comfortably discuss any and all special needs or issues so that we may work on a solution together to further your career in the marijuana industry. REGISTER NOW!

For inexperienced candidates that wonder how to get into the marijuana industry and want to start working in a dispensary, we take it one step further and offer medical marijuana dispensary training classes that can help you build your knowledge and your resume to help you get noticed. The Dispensary Technician, or Budtender as they are called in some states, is one of the most important positions in the dispensary. They are the face of the business and the face of this industry. A Dispensary worker that is not properly trained can lead to loss of business and possibly even legal issues for the employee and business owner. This is why HempStaff trains and certifies its own Budtenders, verifying they are dispensary ready from Day 1, even if they have no prior dispensary experience. Our concentrated class is led by a dispensary manager with over five years experience, ensuring that no question is left unanswered. Not only do we teach our students about the cannabis plant, including the cannabinoids and terpenes and how it all works with our natural endocannabinoid system, we also provide detailed education about the available products, consumption methods and dosing advice as well as the law as it applies to the industry in each state. Our students are kind, knowledgeable and compassionate people, able to relate to others, build rapport and break taboos - all necessary characteristics of good customer service agent as well. REGISTER NOW!

For business owners in the cannabis industry, we understand that time is money. On average the marijuana industry gets two hundred applications for every single position they post! So let HempStaff spend that time reviewing resumes and interviewing the set of candidates that most match your job requirements. Once we find the right candidates, we will present them to you for an interview, alleviating you from hours of work, especially when trying to search for those high level managers! When you’ve made your final selection, we will even take care of the background check through one of our professional partners. There is no cost to you unless you hire one a HempStaff Candidates. Click Here to be contacted by a member of our management team.

The Cannabis Industry is growing every day and as an industry leader, HempStaff is at the forefront of the movement. We strive to ensure that the people working in the industry are the best and hopefully one day, everyone in this country can experience all the benefits of this wonderful plant called Cannabis!