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Length: 4 Hours
Format: On Demand
Audience: Those in legal states, looking to start a personal cannabis grow
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Can’t wait to try your hand at growing cannabis but have no idea what equipment you should use and where you should do so? You’ve come to the right place. We’ve put together a 4-hour cannabis growing training program to provide you with the knowledge and practical tips necessary to get down to business. Cultivating and managing this medically valuable crop can be a breeze for you!

cannabis cultivation

You don’t have to go anywhere to take this interactive cannabis training course. It’s held online so that you can join it from any place. A certificate of completion will become the icing on your cannabis cultivation training cake. If you decide to pave the way in the cannabis industry and apply for a growing job, you can back up your resume with our certificate.

Intensive marijuana cultivation course to cover all pivotal aspects of growing

If you’re 21 or older, you can start honing horticultural techniques to grow cannabis for personal consumption if it’s legal in your state. Our 5-hour online webinar serves as a springboard for doing so.

This cultivation training covers all you need to grow high-quality cannabis products on your own. You’ll get a grasp on the fundamental botany and learn about the optimal cultivation techniques for growing your first plants. What’s more, the HempStaff cannabis cultivation webinar will enable you to get the hang of:

  • Growing basics, including vegetation and flowering
  • Plant nutrition and pH controls
  • Installation of digital humidity, temperature, and pH gauges
  • Proper lighting to ensure optimal crop growth and quality
  • Cannabis extraction methods
  • Refinement and purification techniques
  • Pest management options
  • Cannabis leaf problems and how to treat them
  • Cutting techniques

This training also looks into clones and seeds for cultivation and why it’s worth starting with each. Plus, we’ll discuss the advantages and drawbacks of indoor and outdoor locations for your cannabis cultivation and what equipment you need to buy in each case.

Coupled with expert cannabis growing tips, this training lays the groundwork for you to grow your own herbal medicine hands down. Apply your knowledge and skills after completing the HempStaff webinar and enjoy a 100% organic product!

Enroll in the cannabis growing class online with low enrollment fees

Have you ever wondered how much you spend buying stuff from your local dispensary? If you are a marijuana connoisseur, your total spending may hit you like a ton of bricks. But that doesn’t mean you have to give up using cannabis to benefit your well-being.

This course can make a difference to your wallet and health. When going through it, you can immerse yourself in marijuana cultivation and save tons of money in the long run.
The HempStaff cannabis cultivation webinar comes at an affordable price to ensure everyone can join and learn. If you act fast, you can also benefit from early bird registration and start learning for only $199!

If you’ve already taken some of our courses previously, you know how much we value and love our students. That’s why we offer $50 off the price for all our previous students! Send us an email to get a promo code and take $50 off this cultivation training.

Standards of growing cannabis for personal consumption

Marijuana cultivation is far from the easiest activity to master. You must follow the regulations for growing cannabis for personal use not to find yourself in trouble. Forewarned is forearmed.

There are many different cannabis cultivation laws. Normally, you can only grow cannabis at your full-time residence, and the number of plants must not be more than six if you live alone. If you go for outdoor cultivation, you can’t locate your cannabis plants in the front and side yard setbacks in the open air. That’s when you need to build an additional structure like a garage or greenhouse, hidden from public streets, walkways, and neighboring properties.

Don’t grow cannabis plants inside your residence and never consider outdoor growing if you live in a multi-family dwelling. On top of that, if you decide to put up a greenhouse, be sure to avoid any exterior evidence of cultivation and stay away from gas products.

Check with your local cultivation regulations to make sure you aren’t violating any of them when growing your cannabis.

Other HempStaff cannabis training courses

Whether for yourself or job requirements, you may crave more information about the cannabis plant. At HempStaff, you can go beyond marijuana cultivation courses and learn the fundamentals of cannabis. We have a slew of programs to take to address your cannabis training needs.If you are new here, start with our basic course. It’ll introduce you to marijuana botany and explain how extracts derived from the cannabis plant can affect your body and mind. Take our advanced course once you’re done with the basics to become a pro. It’ll bring many insights into the cannabis industry and teach you advanced skills. Some of our training programs come at discount prices when you sign up for several courses at once. Check out the training course page to discover available options. Contact us if you have any questions about this personal marijuana growing course or other HempStaff training classes.

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