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Do you have some first-hand knowledge of cannabis but want to go deeper into it? HempStaff has the right thing for you! As a training center that has trained over 11,000 certified students worldwide, we’re eager to share our knowledge about the cannabis plant and boost your educational attainment. That’s why we’ve created this advanced cannabis course devoted to the critical aspects of the science of cannabis and the health effects of marijuana.

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Whether you’re a nurse, psychotherapist, or dispensary agent, you can benefit from acquiring advanced marijuana knowledge. We’ll cover many topics, from the botanical aspects of cannabis to plant-based diets and medications. 

Enjoy advanced cannabis education online from the comfort of your home

This well-crafted training course can be taken from anywhere. You don’t have to waste time in traffic jams or sit for hours in an overcrowded classroom. We care about your safety and run this progressive cannabis training online. Choose any comfortable place with Internet access and immerse yourself in the topic.

Even though this cannabis training course is best for healthcare professionals, it deserves to be on your radar if you’re a social worker, counselor, or public sector employee. What’s more, you can benefit from it if your day-to-day operations are somehow associated with CBD or THC. Just take our advanced marijuana training online to stay in the know about the nitty-gritty of the cannabis plant and its effects.

With this course, you’ll learn:

  • The nature of the cannabis plant and its therapeutic applications
  • The basics of the endocannabinoid system
  • The effects of phytocannabinoids on neurotransmitter systems in the brain
  • Medical conditions cannabis can help with palliative or curative effects
  • The evolution of cannabis consumption
  • How cannabis gives a body boost and makes you feel well-rested
  • The chemical composition of cannabinoids, flavonoids, and terpenes
  • Medical properties of the cannabis plant
  • Discovery of CBD and THC in the 60s
  • Cannabis use disorder and other marijuana use problems
  • Entourage effect of terpenes and flavonoids
  • How cannabis is metabolized and how it affects you

Start with the basics of marijuana botany before an advanced study

A step-by-step educational strategy is the most effective one to develop knowledge that sticks. At HempStaff, we run courses for rookies who make their way in the cannabis industry and want to learn more about the cannabis plant and its influence on the human body. So, if you’re a newcomer, don’t rush to dip your toes into progressive marijuana training. Consider starting with our basic training course.

  • Essential botanical aspects
  • How marijuana dispensaries work
  • How the body reacts to marijuana
  • The most popular cannabis products
  • Safe THC and CBD dosage for various medical conditions

Whether for hemp shops, cannabis dispensaries, or other cannabis-related businesses, you can become a perfect candidate for any job opening after completing our basic course and receiving advanced training later.

We’re committed to providing practical knowledge and guiding you through all the aspects of the cannabis world. Like with advanced training, you’ll get a certificate of completion to stand out from other applicants. But if you’re eager to join the ranks of the most in-demand cannabis experts, the HempStaff advanced course is worth your time.

Progressive online cannabis training at the price you can afford

You don’t have to cut every corner and save every penny to afford the advanced marijuana course at HempStaff. Created with you in mind, our training program comes at a reasonable price and only involves valuable information without that fluff. The early bird option is also available with reduced enrollment fees.

Comply with training requirements

As someone who works at a cannabis company, you can be asked to take annual training, from eight to sixteen hours. Once you enroll in our cannabis training course, you can cut this training time by three hours if you take one of our courses or six hours if you go for the basic and advanced combo deal.

You can go even further and snag an out-of-this-world deal that encompasses three courses for only $298! In addition to basic and advanced training, you can hone your skills in dispensary management with the third course. It’s a godsend for those who need to receive nine hours of training for professional development. Don’t miss your chance!

HempStaff is your go-to for all marijuana training courses. Whatever field of cannabis study you want to dive into, we have the right course to take. Our teachers are passionate about their job and do their best to explain things in an understandable manner.

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