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With the cannabis industry is evolving by leaps and bounds, HempStaff brings talent, employers and opportunities together through our recruiting and executive searches. We specialize in recruiting for the Cannabis, Hemp and Psychedelic Industries. Whether you’re looking for the job you’ll really love or a perfect candidate to get work done, HempStaff is here to help! As a socially conscious cannabis staffing agency that has been around for over eight years, we match candidates to jobs not only based on skills, but also how well they fit in the company’s long-term goals. We don’t give you a login to fancy software and let you do the work, we speak to you about your job openings, then speak to possible candidates to find the best match. We are a family owned and operated business since 2014 helping the cannabis industry move forward one employee at a time!

Employees are the backbone of any business, and we set out to strengthen it, no matter which side you’re on. HempStaff is committed to delivering uncompromising service for clients and job seekers. As a cannabis recruiter, we head-hunt employees to help cannabis companies smooth business operations. If you’re eager to make your way in the cannabis industry as an entry-level specialist but have no idea where and how to start, you can begin to build your career with us.

Quickly fill any position and don’t worry about salary negotiations. We do our best to make them stress-free and favorable for all the parties involved!

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Marijuana employment made easy

Looking to get started in the psychedelic, hemp or cannabis industry but lack experience? Don’t let it become a stumbling block for you as a professional. At HempStaff, we guide candidates of all types, whether you’re an entry-level, mid-level or C-level employee. What’s more, you can take advantage of our basic and advanced cannabis training courses to dive into the industry or get promoted at your current cannabis industry job.

As of now, we’ve trained and certified over ten thousand students from all over the country. And you can join their ranks! The HempStaff cannabis staffing agency is powered by professionals eager to help you build a phenomenal cannabis career once you apply. Even if you live outside the US, we’ve got you covered. HempStaff successfully operates in Canada, South America, Europe and the Caribbean.

Cannabis Staffing

Like other staffing agencies, HempStaff doesn’t make you pay upfront. Besides, we want you to stay in control of your employment. That’s why you don’t have to sign any exclusivity agreement with us. Additionally, we only charge the employers, once the placement is complete, we will never charge job seekers. We also offer On Demand Cannabis Training

Build your perfect team and expedite your cannabis business staffing

With 80,000+ candidates in our marijuana recruiting database, we pride ourselves on connecting incredible talents with companies of all sizes. Whatever field you operate in, we can help you find the ideal team members who share your values and goals. If you’re about to build a cannabis network, we can also partner up with you to make it far-reaching and impactful together.

As a business owner, you don’t have time to browse through thousands of resumes you get once your job offer is posted. At HempStaff, we can take the hassle out of your headhunting experience. Our specialists will check on all applicants to ensure they meet your job requirements before we send them to you to invite them for an interview and build the best team.

We can make cannabis recruiting and staffing easier for you with:

    • Our own custom built candidate database and network
    • Well-tailored dispensary training programs
    • Pre-screening job seekers
    • Applicants with entry-level and С-level cannabis experience
    • No prepay and exclusivity requirements
    • Candidates Background-checked
    • Personal account manager
    • 1-Business day response to your job openings


We keep an eye out for changes in the ever-changing cannabis market. That’s why HempStaff is one step ahead in predicting your hiring requirements. We focus on finding permanent employees who can contribute to your business development in the long run. Ambitious and skillful candidates are the core of our database, and we’re looking forward to sharing their information with the best employers.

Propel your business with cannabis employment professionals

Hiring the right employee is not a walk in the park. HempStaff has all the required resources and experience to make it easier and more effective by narrowing down your search to the best candidates so that you can fill open positions with qualified applicants while saving your money on multiple listings.
You can outsource your cannabis staffing processes to HempStaff and relax. You can get started by providing us with some information:

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Join our affiliate program to generate extra revenue

If you aren’t a cannabis company but have built a vast cannabis network, join the HempStaff affiliate program! It’s a great chance to earn a pretty penny while helping the industry grow.

As a HempStaff affiliate, you can unite your efforts with ours to connect licensed cannabis business owners with talents and earn a commission for every placement. While an entry-level position may bring you an extra $500, a management one can generate twice as much. Additionally, you can earn a commission as you invite students to sign up for HempStaff training courses.

If you have any questions on the recruitment practices we follow or our affiliate program, feel free to  contact us.

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HEMPSTAFF has helped thousands obtain hemp and cannabis jobs and advanced their

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HEMPSTAFF has trained and Certified over 10,000 students since 2014.

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