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HempStaff is the industry leader in hemp recruiting and cannabis recruiting and cannabis dispensary training. Our Cannabis Recruiting Division focuses on finding the best employees for all types of hemp or cannabis jobs. How does it work? Register with us, and put detailed information in the notes section: any previous job experience, where you would like to work and what cannabis jobs you are interested in. When we get job openings in your state (or a state you wish to work in) – a cannabis recruiter will contact you with the information on the job opening and request your resume if you are interested.

Our Cannabis Training Division specializes in marijuana dispensary training, for those inexperienced candidates looking for cannabis jobs, experienced candidates looking for cannabis education or just those looking to learn the science of cannabis and how it works with the human body. We also offer a cannabis resume review service for those looking for assistance creating a cannabis resume.


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Hemp and Cannabis Industry Recruiting

HempStaff has been involved in hemp and cannabis recruiting since 2014, and has helped place thousands of employees in hemp and cannabis jobs in over a dozen states with NO UPFRONT COST.  Currently HempStaff has over 50,000 candidates in our cannabis recruiting database, some with previous experience working in legal hemp and cannabis jobs and some with no experience, but all looking for the next perfect hemp or marijuana job opening.

As Cannabis Recruiters, we have the resources to efficiently narrow down the search quickly. This is how cannabis recruiting saves you both time and money, as each cannabis job gets hundreds of applicants, mostly unqualified.  Our cannabis recruiters will go through resumes and narrow them down to the top candidates, which speeds up the process so that you can fill your hemp or cannabis job openings quicker with qualified candidates and less turnover. HempStaff is ready to provide you with the best employees for your hemp, recreational cannabis or medical marijuana business!

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HEMPSTAFF has trained and Certified over 8,000 Dispensary Agents in 23 states since 2014. Will YOU be the next one to break into the industry?

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Reviews of our Cannabis Training and Hemp & Cannabis Recruiting

Cynthia Bradley
The training class was full of key information which will endure as the industry grows. The trainers were friendly and knowledgeable.
Kelley Owen
Joan from Hemp Staff was amazing!!! Because of her, I was able to get my dream job. This agency is the best at what they do and I urge everyone to check them out. THANK YOU JOAN!!!
Trey Weber
Great experience, instructors are knowledgeable and extremely caring about what they teach. Will return to the class again to learn more.
Kelli Durham
I loved this class! So much great information and the ladies running the training were knowledgeable and truly passionate about cannabis. My only complaint is that it wasn't longer (which in the bigger picture isn't actually bad, I don't think). I highly recommend taking this course!
Whitney Green
Farrah and her team are excellent teachers and public speakers. They present a magnificent blend of intellectual authority and charismatic presence. I freaking loved this seminar.
Ruben Moreno
Amazing instructors on-site and the material covered is comprehensive. Farrah is very engaging and covers the complex material in an easy way to understand. They also don't just teach you and leave you - they're a very helpful career resource post-seminar. I went twice in the past 6 months and this industry advances so rapidly, I'd personally suggest attending as many as you can to stay up to date. **The Medical Industry needs to seriously recommend making this course mandatory for ALL physicians. I've witnessed firsthand psychiatrists, pharmacists, and doctor attendees alike admit their colleagues don't have this level of understanding ...despite majority of their patients being new MMJ Patients or considering acquiring their MMJ Patient cards. And those patients are being fed misinformation due to current doctors only being knowledgeable about current prescription opioids that are soon to be phased out.
Gina Jackson
Good, informative workshop. Thoroughly enjoyed Farrah as an instructor.
Blake Lloyd
Very educational. Very informal. Everything you need to know about the state you live in laws and policies and also a very detailed breakdown of all the medical benefits that cannabis has to offer. Well worth the money.
Alphonse Silvia
Took my class this morning with the lovely ladies of Hempstaff. LOVED IT! Very educational and the staff was awesome! Easy to talk to and very well informed.
Extremely informative. The class was even better than I imagined. They give you so many helpful tips and information. Highly recommend.
Damaris Delgado
Excellent course very instructive and interesting. To the instructors Rosie and Farrah, thanks so much it was a pleasure and now I'm ready for the next level.
Moriah Pamyu
Super awesome class! The class was educational, and very fun. The staff were amazing people as well. Definitely recommended.
Ramon Rivera
Mark Heil
Just got home from taking the class this morning and WoW!!! Tons of info in this class and I will be back in December for a refresher for sure. If you're looking to get in the Medical Cannabis Industry then this is a must do class. I knew I was going to learn a lot more about Cannabis in general but I'm in knowledge overload right now. The staff was incredible to talk with and extremely knowledgeable about the history, growth, medical uses and both Federal and State laws as well. Awesome, awesome class!!!
Margot Cardinale
HempStaff is a top notch recruitment and educational company that provides positive and accurate information regarding the legal medical cannabis industry. The Dispensary Training course is incredibly informative and I would highly recommend it to anyone who is interested in entering the industry, or simply learning about medical cannabis - you will learn a ton from an amazing, friendly & professional staff.
Karen Campbell
Haidy Gaitan Ulloa
Very informative class ! Looking forward for an event in NYC !
iconic_ kpop_
De'Linda Barber
This company is super awesome. They take the time to educate and answer questions and they are great people too.
Maigan Lopez
Cannabis Education is key if we want this industry to grow (no pun intended) in the right direction. Erasing stigma and bringing the truth about the benefits of the cannabis plant will only help everyone in the future. HempStaff is Doing this. Keep up the good fight guys and gals.
Amanda Bosch
I cannot say enough wonderful things about this company and the folks behind the wheel. I took one of their training courses and was blown away by their expertise, wealth of training materials and over all presentation. From beginning to end they flat out earned every single dollar I spent on the course. I was given a mass of important information, but it was presented in such well laid out manner that it was easy to consume and absorb. They have top notch instructors and ensure that all course materials are up-to-date and concurrent with the laws of each State. To top it off - those four hours were well worth the investment as it lead me to an opportunity to work for Hempstaff itself! A five star review is not enough! If they come to your city, invest in yourself. Take the course!
Sammie MCcoy
Love what this company stands for!! So informative!
Farrah V
This company is amazing! I've seen personally how hard they work and the time and energy put into the classes presented. I took the class and now work as a recruiter at Hempstaff, they prepared me for employment and then employed me! Five stars all day!

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