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HempStaff is the industry leader in cannabis recruiting and cannabis training for dispensary jobs. Our Cannabis Recruiting Division focuses on finding the best employees for all types of open cannabis jobs. Our Cannabis Training Division specializes in marijuana dispensary training, for those inexperienced candidates looking for cannabis jobs, experienced candidates looking for cannabis education or just those looking to learn the science of cannabis and how it works with the human body.


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HempStaff has been involved in cannabis recruiting since 2014, and helped placed thousands of employees in cannabis jobs in over a dozen states with NO UPFRONT COST.  Currently HempStaff has over 40K candidates in our cannabis recruiting databases, some with previous experience in working legal cannabis jobs and some with no cannabis experience, but all looking for the next marijuana job openings.

As Cannabis Recruiters, we have the resources on staff to efficiently narrow down the search quickly, saving you time.  This is a great need in cannabis recruiting, as each cannabis job gets hundreds of applicants.  Having our cannabis recruiters go through these resumes and narrow it down to the top candidates speeds up the process so that you can fill your marijuana job openings much quicker, with less turnover. HempStaff is ready to provide you with the best employees for the hemp, recreational cannabis or medical marijuana industry.

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Cannabis Training for Dispensary Employees


Dispensary Owners prefer hiring trained employees, learn how to become a “Budtender”
and learn how to get a job in the cannabis industry!

HEMPSTAFF has trained and Certified over 5,500 Dispensary Agents nationwide. Will YOU be the next one to break into the industry?

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