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Where Is Medical Marijuana Legal?

American public perception of cannabis has radically changed in the last 50 years. Just 50 years ago, in 1969, only 12% of Americans thought that cannabis should be made legal. 50 years later in 2019, 67% of Americans thought that marijuana should be legalized. This is really a radical shift in perspective over a relatively short period […]

Top 10 Careers in Cannabis to Pay Attention to In 2021

What are the Top Careers in Cannabis? In 2020 sales surpassed Master Growers and Master Extractors for the top paying position! Nobody could have predicted that, so who knows what 2021 will hold? Did you know that jobs in the legal cannabis industry pays more than the median US salary in other industries? That was before […]

Cannabis Staffing 101: Hiring Quality Employees for Your Dispensary

The cannabis industry is booming. As more and more states are legalizing cannabis for medical and recreational purposes, dispensaries are becoming a big business. Most dispensaries start small, with just a handful of employees, but as demand grows, so does the dispensaries need for help. The cannabis industry has its own unique demands on employees. Good […]

Marijuana Salaries Explained: How Much Money Can You Make?

The below is a small amount of information on cannabis salaries. If you are looking to get into the Dispensary side, check out our training. A full 4 hour class on this check out our Nationwide Budtender Training, Cannabis Basic Training or Advanced Cannabis Training. The legal marijuana industry raked in $9 billion in the US last year, […]

Indica Vs Sativa; Know the Difference

What the difference between indica vs sativa? Sativa gives an energetic cerebral high and is good for daytime use. Indica gives you more of a body buzz and can be very heavy, it is usually reserved for nighttime use. Hybrids are a combination of both plants. The below is a small amount of information on […]

How Much Do Budtenders Make on Average?

If your state has legalized recreational or medical marijuana (or you’re about to move to a state that does), you may be considering a career in cannabis. There are a multitude of ways to break into the cannabis industry! But the easiest way to begin your cannabis career is as a budtender, also known as a dispensary […]

How can I become a Cannabis Tester?

How do I become a Cannabis Tester? It’s not as fun as it sounds. Testing is done in a lab with various equipment to find the cannabinoids and terpene percentages and not by actually consuming the various cannabis products. Check out our full 4 hour class Marijuana Dispensary Training or our Basic Cannabis Training or Advanced Cannabis […]

6 Things That Can Assist Your Cannabis Career Resume

You’ve been thinking about breaking into the cannabis industry for a while. You’re passionate about what it can do for people and maybe you even use it to help solve some of your medical issues as well. Passion is the first step to building a great cannabis career but it won’t impress an employer. What […]

5 Ways a Cannabis Certification Can Help You

Cannabis is over a $15 billion dollar industry in the United States alone. And no, that’s not a typo. Marijuana brings in more money than wine (and we know Americans love their wine). It’s legal in Washington D.C. and 11 other states. The cannabis revolution is well on its way to becoming a way of life. With […]

7 Eye-Opening Benefits of a Career in Cannabis

The cannabis industry is booming as more and more states move towards legalization. This means that this might be the best time to begin your future career in cannabis.  Plenty of people think that they want to work in the marijuana industry but they really just want to smoke on the job. What are the actual […]