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3 Invaluable Reasons to Use a Cannabis Recruiting Service

While the rest of the word is in a holding pattern, the newly popular cannabis and hemp industry businesses have been deemed essential and are running full speed. Industry news recently noted that 2020 Marijuana sales alone are projected to end somewhere around 18 billion dollars or 40% over 2019 sales. That does not include [...]

How to become a Cannabis Master Grower

The below is information on cannabis cultivation and working your way up to be a Master Grower. If you are looking to work on the dispensary side check out our 4 hour class on becoming a dispensary agent our Budtender Training, Cannabis Basic Training or Advanced Cannabis Training. The cannabis industry is expected to be worth $31.4 billion by the […]

The Top 3 Cannabis Business Tips for Owners

Cannabis businesses are now legal to some degree in 34 states. Between medical and adult-use programs, entrepreneurs, big and small, have an opportunity to get involved in today’s fastest growing industry. From micro growers to mom and pop owned dispensary, everyone has a chance to be successful with the right team and of course, the […]

Cannabis Executive Jobs: What Are the Best Jobs and Their Salaries

Around 12% of American adults use cannabis. As the cannabis industry grows, cannabis executive jobs are becoming more important and more lucrative than ever. Marijuana is becoming more popular than ever. This fantastic plant is a hit with people in all age groups for medicinal and recreational reasons alike. Now that cannabis is legal in several states, […]

How to Start a Marijuana Dispensary

Marijuana is the number one sales crop in the united states. It's been predicted that the cannabis industry will be worth more than 30 billion us dollars by 2025. But with this potentially profitable business comes a lot of risks to entrepreneurs. There are lots of confusing and often contradicting local and state laws. And, marijuana is [...]

A Step-By-Step Guide on How to Become a Budtender

How do I get a job as a Budtender? It all starts with being cannabis product specialists. Budtenders need to know their products as they are the ones to give out dosage instructions. The below is a small amount of information on how to become a Budtender. For a full 4 hour class on this […]

How to Get into the Cannabis Industry With a Felony Record

Can you still work in the Cannabis Industry with a Felony? The short answer is probably not unless you get it expunged. However, the Hemp Industry usually does allow felons to work! Check out our Marijuana Training Courses especially our Basic Cannabis Training for those looking to break into the Cannabis Industry. Marijuana is one […]

CBD for Dummies: The Most Common Cannabinoid Explained

CBD for Dummies: The Most Common Cannabinoid Explained By now, you have probably heard something about CBD. In fact, 14% of Americans are already using CBD products for a wide range of reasons. Of these, 40% are using CBD for pain relief. Another 20% use CBD for anxiety, while 11% are using CBD for insomnia. Despite how common the […]

Cannabis Industry Jobs are Essential During COVID-19

If you have ever considered a Cannabis Career – now is the time to get serious. Dispensary jobs are on the uptick as Americans have become college students again – eating, drinking and smoking pot with nothing to do during this quarantine.  Just this week, new reports have emerged showing some states are recording record [...]

What Are Terps? The 7 Most Common Cannabis Terpenes and Their Effects

What are terps? Terps are terpenes, which are the essential oils present in ALL plants including the hemp and cannabis plant. Terpenes give plants their individual characteristics like their flavor and aroma. So that distinct aroma that we all identify as marijuana burning, is in part, due to the plant’s terpenes. Cannabis is a very […]