Below are some frequent questions we get as medical marijuana recruiters and trainers –
from everything about cannabis jobs and hemp jobs to our dispensary training, enjoy this Cannabis FAQ.

marijuana jobs

What services does HempStaff offer?

At HempStaff we offer many different services:
1) Recruiting/Headhunting for Hemp, Medical Marijuana and Recreational Marijuana businesses.
2) Dispensary Agent Training, to train entry level employees how to properly help patients/customers in a dispensary.
3) Cannabis Resume Review, we offer a Cannabis Resume Template, Tips and Reviews

What states or jobs do you recruit for?

HempStaff recruits in all legal hemp and cannabis states, plus Puerto Rico and Canada. HempStaff specializes in staffing entire companies upon launch and finding high level employees with cannabis experience in new markets, which often involves relocation from another state. Currently, we recruit for all positions in the cannabis and hemp industry.

What is a Budtender?

A budtender is the retail associate that works behind the counter of a cannabis dispensary. The Budtender needs to be a cannabis product specialist as many consumers and patients will look to them of advice on which cannabis products to purchase.

How old do you have to be to work at a dispensary?

This depends on the state, the majority of states required you to be over 21, however there are some states that allow 19 or even a 18 year old to work in a cannabis dispensary. However, it is very difficult to obtain the job under the age of 21 in these states.

Do I need to have a medical marijuana card to apply for medical marijuana jobs?

No, you do not need to be a medical marijuana patient to work in the cannabis industry. In most states you have to be over 21 with a clean background, some states allow those over 18 and also allow certain felonies.  Check your state’s cannabis program website for specifics.

How can I get a job in the cannabis industry?

We recommend attending training to add to your resume to get noticed – each job openings gets about 100 resumes, so having your resume stand out is important.   Our dispensary training also helps you get your resume ready for the cannabis industry as well, which has helped students of ours get jobs in cultivation and extraction centers as well as dispensaries. Register with us and upload your resume. To qualify in most states and countries, you must have NO felony convictions on your record. Also, you do not need to be a medical marijuana cardholder to apply for hemp or cannabis jobs. We will reach out when a job matches your skills. Check out our Hemp and Cannabis Job Board and apply directly from there. Get trained to work in a Dispensary; Check out our Nationwide Dispensary Agent Training. Also, check out our Cannabis Resume Review service.

Can I apply for medical marijuana jobs with a felony on my record?

Generally, you cannot, most states require a clean background.  Some states, like CA, allow it if older than 10 years.  Other states, like OH, allow only certain felonies.  Some states, like PA, don’t allow anything more than a summary offense.  We suggest you check your specific state laws for more details about what is allowed to be on your background

Where are your job openings? Where can I post my resume?

Check out our Hemp and Cannabis Job Board and apply directly from there.  Also, our recruiters search our database and contact potential candidates directly.  You can register as a Job Seeker on our website: Register for Cannabis Jobs. When we get an opening in your area, that matches your skills, our recruiters will contact you with the job information.  At that time, if you are interested, you can reply back to that email.

Can I start applying for cannabis jobs in another state?

Almost every cannabis employer will discard any entry level employees that are not residents of that state.  As a general rule all programs require you to be a resident of the state to work in the cannabis industry.  Employers get hundreds of resumes, so they do not want the hassle of someone relocating, when they have local people they can hire.  Our recommendation, if you wish to work out of state, is to first relocate to the state you wish to work in, get a job in the field you are in currently and switch over your ID.  Then start applying to cannabis openings in that state.  If you DO have legal cannabis experience, then you may be sought after to relocate by cannabis businesses looking for experienced employees, however for entry level this rarely happens.

What is your fee for cannabis industry recruitment?

There is no fee for the job seeker or candidate.  The client pays HempStaff a finder’s fee once an employee is placed and starts working for the client.  The fee varies based on the client, the positions hiring and the number of openings.

What are the requirements to take your marijuana dispensary training course?

The only requirement to attend our training course, is that you are over 18 years of age. However, in many cannabis markets, you must be over 21 before you can apply for medical marijuana jobs in the cannabis industry. Check out our Nationwide Dispensary Agent Training.

Can I get a HempStaff Certification in one state and apply to work in a different state?

Yes, while our course is about 15-20% based on state regulations, our HempStaff Certification is not state specific at this time.  You can get certified in one state and place our Certification on your resume under education when you apply in any state.  We do recommend you attend the course in the state in which you are looking for medical marijuana jobs, to get the specific regulations.  However, since previous students can return at no charge, with advance notice. If you can take the course in another state, get certified, you then can request a return ticket to your state to learn the regulations. Check out our schedule for Dispensary Agent Training.

What do I need to bring to the training course?

All you need to bring to Dispensary Agent Training is your name and your order number.  You will receive your order number in an email from EventBrite when you purchase a seat in one of our training courses.

When is the next time your Cannabis Dispensary Training Certification will be in our state/city?

Get our upcoming class schedule here: Marijuana Dispensary Training. Select a City / Date to get more information on that class and to purchase a seat.

Do you help with job placement after the Dispensary Training Course?

Our certified dispensary agents are contacted first when we get a client looking for dispensary agents or any other entry level positions.  However, at this time most companies, especially in new markets, hire entry level on their own. In the course, we will supply you with a resume template, and after class you can send us the resume for review.  We will also give you a list of licensed companies in your area, and hints as to where you will find job openings these companies will have. This gives our best students to find a job on their own as well as be added to the HempStaff database for marijuana job openings.

How will your Marijuana Dispensary Certification help me get medical marijuana jobs?

First, we offer a resume review, to get your resume looking exactly how cannabis business owners like it. Next, training on your resume will get you noticed when you apply to a dispensary and lead to more interviews. The knowledge you learn in class allows you to speak intelligently and speak to points the dispensary managers want to hear, giving you a much greater chance of landing the job.  As an added bonus, when HempStaff clients come to us looking for entry level employees, our certified students, that live in their area, will have their resumes sent to the client first.

What are cannabinoids?

Cannabinoids are the active ingredient in cannabis. The most popular cannabinoids are THC and CBD. Humans have an endocannabinoid systems which allows the cannabinoids to help the body with medical ailments and sometimes cause euphoric feeling as well.

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