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Length: 2.5 Hours On Demand
Format: On Demand
Audience: Those looking to work in Sales Jobs in the Cannabis Industry
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The cannabis industry has grown dramatically over the past decade, fueled by legalization and the rising interests of investors. They have been pumping tons of money into this market, which has translated into hundreds of marijuana dispensaries and thousands of new products for recreational and medical use. However, there’s a shortage of experienced salespeople in this sector, which means you have a lot of lucrative jobs to go for. To land your perfect one, enroll in online hemp sales training with HempStaff.

Cannabis Hemp Sales

No prior experience is needed to become a part of this course. We welcome people from all backgrounds to learn to sell hemp and other cannabis products and be hired by the biggest players on the market. Whether you are looking to switch from your industry or dip your toe in the sales domain, we have you covered.

What to expect from this 2.5-hour hemp sales training

New cannabis products hit the market every day. However, very few specialists have the skills to make those fly off the shelves. But if you choose to purchase an online hemp sales training seat with HempStaff, you will become one of those who can sell them all.

We will show you how to build a network, generate leads, and turn them into B2B or B2C customers. Whether you are new to sales or a veteran in the field, this 2.5-hour training can be a treasure trove of techniques for you. We will teach you how to hook customers and make them your loyal clientele. 

HempStaff cannabis sales training also focuses on:

  • Product knowledge. What started as a raw flower has now expanded into many innovative products like edibles and lotions. This course will help you unpuzzle the unique selling proposition of each product and how you can utilize it to attract customers.
  • Sales techniques that work. It’s essential to understand what your customers are looking for before pitching. In this course, we’ll analyze customer-focused sales techniques and strategies that work best for this market. Once you complete HempStaff cannabis product & sales training, you will be able to effectively target cold leads, create new sales opportunities, close deals, and build lasting relationships with all your customers.
  • Customer-obsessed care. With this course, you will learn how important it is to focus on your customers by asking the right questions and paying attention to their requirements so that you can serve them better. Whether experienced cannabis users or beginners, you should know how to make them feel comfortable talking to you and ordering from you.
  • Upselling techniques. Upselling is easier when you think from the customer’s point of view. This training will teach you to do it without forcing the customer to buy. That’s how cannabis products are flying off the shelves.
  • Resistance response. Pushback and resistance are always there when selling. HempStaff trainers will show you the best ways to overcome these situations and turn them to your advantage.
  • Retention strategies. You’ll learn to retain customers and increase the chance of referrals. This is something every salesperson should master to improve sales performance and make more money.
  • Customer experience. An exceptional customer experience creates a win-win situation for everyone. It results in long-term loyalty and positive word of mouth, unlocking more sales opportunities for you down the road.
  • Effective communication. Communicating is not only about talking to customers when selling cannabis products. You should also harness great listening skills to turn them into a powerful tool to guide, advise, and assist your customers.
  • Time management. Amid the flood of customers, it’s essential for a salesperson to manage time effectively without compromising customer service. You will learn to do it with our hemp course.

3 Ways you can benefit from HempStaff online CBD sales training

The key to success in cannabis sales is to nurture specific qualities and skills that are integral to achieving sales goals. It’s a misconception that these skills are given by nature and can’t be harnessed. You can easily develop them with our online cannabis sales training as you:

  • Learn best practices. Thinking that a Google search will give you an answer to all questions can do you a disservice. That’s why you need to acquire best practices, not a way to quickly google them. The cannabis industry is still in its initial stages, and you can’t expect generic things to work here. The good news is that our professional training leads to a much-refined integration of best practices into sales tactics.
  • Gain in-depth knowledge. There’s a steep learning curve with sales, and nothing comes easy unless you get the basics right. We provide you with the foundation that you can use as a springboard to gain in-depth knowledge in every area you specialize in. This will help you achieve your goals as you climb the career ladder.
  • Apply for the best jobs. We are not here to train you and say “goodbye.” As a recruiter, we know what it takes to land a job in the cannabis industry, so we will help you at each step. Our experts will review your resume and prepare you for all interview rounds. HempStaff certification will also help you stand out among other applicants, making you a better fit for higher-paying positions.

Join CBD sales training to pursue a brilliant career

With the rising popularity of cannabis, there’s no better time than now to upskill. Purchase this cannabis sales training for yourself or your staff to learn high-conversion strategies and B2B and B2C techniques that we have tried and tested over the years. Whether you want to work as a salesperson or take charge of your own business, this 2.5-hour course will propel you toward the right path.

You can join our interactive cannabis and hemp sales webinar for as low as $79. It’s the best upskill opportunity for the price. Once you become our student, you will get extra discounts on other HempStaff courses.

For any questions on this course, get in touch with us today.

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