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Below is a list of all our ON DEMAND Cannabis Training. We also offer live training in person or via webinars, contact us for more information. HempStaff has trained and certified over 11,000 students since 2014 in our Cannabis Training Classes!

ON DEMAND Cannabis Training Courses

Basic Dispensary Training

Basic Dispensary training is 2.5-hour class covering what you need to know to work the retail side of the industry: CBD Stores or Cannabis Dispensaries. This is a less-intense version of the Budtender Certification with an overview of the endocannabinoid system and a summary of the basic cannabinoids and terpenes that the plant possesses. This will not cover state-specific laws or include the resume review but does include product education and dosage recommendations. You will not need to take a test for your certificate of completion. This course is now also offered as ON DEMAND Dispensary Training.

Basic Dispensary Training @ On Demand


Advanced Cannabis Science Training

Advanced Cannabis Science Training is not about working in the Cannabis Industry but instead, it’s all about the Cannabis Plant. This 2.5-hour course is a deep dive into the endocannabinoids our body makes and how phyto cannabinoids can fill in when our own production decreases. We will also focus on terpenes and flavonoids to round out the entourage effect that the cannabis plant along with other plants can have when we incorporate them into our daily diet and routine. This is a great class for people already in the wellness industry who want to incorporate THC or CBD into their life. The class will focus on the biology of the cannabis plant and the biology of the human body. This course is now also offered as ON DEMAND Cannabis Science Training.

Advanced Cannabis Training @ On Demand


Dispensary Manager Training

The Dispensary Manager class is a full outline of a day in the life of a Cannabis Dispensary Manager! This 2.5-hour class will provide an in-depth review of controlling your three biggest assets: your staff, your cash and your inventory. Are you a Dispensary Agent looking for a promotion or a manager in another retail arena or fast paced restaurant looking to change industries? Then this is the class for you. This course is currently ONLY offered as ON DEMAND Dispensary Manager Training.

Dispensary Manager Training @ On Demand


Cannabis & Hemp Sales Training

Are you an experienced salesperson trying to find your way into the Cannabis Industry? This 2.5-hour Cannabis & Hemp Sales training is a great starting point to help you understand what we sell, who we sell for and who we sell to. New to sales? We’ll show you how to build your network and begin your lead search to help you get ready to succeed at your first sales position. Not sure how to begin? We’ve got you covered with cover letter and resume writing, including post class resume review with a heavy focus on interviewing skills to get the job you want! This course is now also offered as ON DEMAND Cannabis Sales Training.

Cannabis & Hemp Sales Training @ On Demand


Personal Cannabis Cultivation Training

Do you live in a state where medical or adult-use personal cannabis cultivation is permitted and have no idea where to begin? This class 4 hour course is a beginner-grow class is an entry-level look into setting up and starting your own personal cultivation. We will discuss location, lights, temperature controls, grow set-ups, medias, nutrients, pests, plant health and of course planting, growing, harvesting and curing. Be ready to take notes! This course is now also offered as ON DEMAND Cannabis Cultivation Training.

Cannabis Cultivation Training @ On Demand