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Due to COVID-19, all classes through May 2021 will be held via a LIVE ONLINE WEBINAR. Below is a list of all our upcoming cannabis training courses. We have our standard 4 hour state-specific dispensary training courses with a cannabis resume review service, our 3 hour basic cannabis dispensary training course, dispensary manager training course and advanced cannabis training course.

HempStaff has trained and certified over 9,900 students in 42 states, since 2014, in our Cannabis Training Classes! HempStaff is also state accredited to teach the Illinois Responsible Vendor Training and Massachusetts Responsible Vendor Training.

Want to know more about Cannabis Jobs State-by-State?

Rachel Brumm
I have taken four classes and I learn something new with each class. Wonderful instructors with so much knowledge.
Lisa Ropka
I am beyond satisfied with the two online training classes I have taken. I am so thankful for finding Hemp Staff. Rosie and Joe are great at covering all the information. They are very Professional and valuable when explaining all of the questions anyone had in the group. I will be signing up for more of the classes as new ones are being added. Thank You, Rosie & Joe You two Rock ! Lisa Ropka
Andrea Woodward
I took the Maryland dispensary training course first in 2018 with Farrah and it was excellent. Using the resume template helped tremendously! After 2 months of applying for jobs I landed interviews with 3 dispensaries and was just hired! Just took the course again for a refresher and Rosie and Joe were wonderful. Great for updates and still learning new things! I highly recommend this to anyone looking to get into the industry.
Down to earth staff and helps you every step of the way for classes! They go the extra mile for you
Michelle Aguirre
the most Gear cannabis company.
Linda LaVerne
I recommend you will receive the training necessary to enter the cannabis industry and enjoy the 4-hour training session. It is an intense class, very informative, and you will leave knowing far more than you did when you first walked in! Well worth your time and energy!! Farrah and Rosie are fantastic teachers!!
Diane McClain
St. Louis, MO 25Jan2020- The handbook was customized to the relevant laws concerning my geo area. Very impressed with instructor's command of the subject and her leadership of the class. The resume template and links in back of book are helpful. I have recommended this course to my friends. I was on the fence about wanting to work in this industry, this course helped me decide to go for it! Thanks!
Adam Roehlke
I went to the St. Louis training session 1/21/20 with Farrah as our one and only speaker, she was awesome. So knowledgeable, engaging and funny. The whole experience was well worth the fee, I felt like the information was very practical and useful. Farrah’s delivery enhanced the training and made it easier for me to retain and do well on the certification quiz. I would highly recommend this course for anyone seeking information and real help into the cannabis industry. Thanks Hempstaff I will be back!
Mary Beth Nelson
I took the training with Farah this past Saturday in St. Louis, MO and it was fantastic! She is an awesome teacher and a walking encyclopedia of knowledge.
I highly recommend this training to any individual seeking a career within this important and healing field.
Mary LoPiccalo
I found the curriculum, delivery of content, knowledge and energy of both instructors phenomenal! I truly enjoyed the Training and look forward to more classes as well as a new career change. It was announced at the beginning of class and several times afterwards, that there should be no talking, private conversations or questions asked while instructors were teaching. How rude and disrespectful some students were because I found it difficult to follow the Training over the multiple conversations while the class was being taught. Perhaps Hempstaff should implement a written policy if a student interrupts the instructor/class by personal conversations or asking questions at the wrong time, to have those students dismissed from class and fee's non-refundable. Thank you for a great Training and opportunity!
Shawn Lazier
I thought it was a great course with excellent material and presentation. I highly recommend whether you are plannig on getting into this emerging service business or not.
Crystal Paulino
They were AMAZING!!! Farrah and the other instructor were very honest but very heart felt. They were not afraid to be open and trusting with us. They shared their own personal stories while strengthening us a team. They were open and informative about what we needed to learn and expect. I would love to be apart of this again (: I highly recommend !
Luis Alejandro Cediel
Hempstaff actually works! I received a job offer as a Process Engineer in a leading CBD company in California.

They do put you in touch with people in the industry and they are very attentive during the interview process.

Recommended 100%.

I start my new job this Monday 🙂
theforkman16 R
The staff was very well informed on the cannabis industry and the class was extremely helpful because of them. The passion of these people shows through their presentation, making it clear I chose the right class haha. I loved the interactivity and their ability to answer any questions we had during the class. Definitely recommend to anyone trying to become a bud tender in a medical/rec. state!
Jacquelyn Alston
I took their class on the 21st of September of 2019, and I’m more determined to fight for the right to have people use cannabis for healing, oppose to chemicals. Natural is always better than chemicals.
Hannah Johnson
The ladies that do these training sessions are Vivacious and incredibly knowledgeable. They answer every question in a timely manner and help with even setting up a resume! Thank you so much for all the knowledge and in return that gave me Power! Amazing job Ladies!!! I’m ready to move on to this next Chapter because of you.
- stl sept. 14 morning class
Jonathan A. Coleman
in-depth History of the laws pertaining to Cannabis in the U S A ,plant biology and terpenes,instructors are passionate about This Herb.
Dean Keir
A full spectrum of knowledge in all variations of the cannabis industry. Even though the class I took was on dispensary training I still gained my spot in the grow rooms and field because of this training and because of this I'm making my way up the stalk faster than any job I've ever had. This is no longer a "job", this is my CAREER! I highly recommend this course!!!

Don Wheeler
the training you offer your potential employees and vendors is second to none
Cynthia Bradley
The training class was full of key information which will endure as the industry grows. The trainers were friendly and knowledgeable.
Ash Henderson
I went to the Dispensary Training Course on June 1, 2019...it was amazing! Farrah and Ricardo are very informative, and I definitely learned a lot. Thank you so much!
James Gutierrez
I completed my certification today in Kansas City, MO. and I would like to say this was a very professional training class and very informative. 5 stars 🙂
Emily Beck
I attended the St Louis course this week and I LOVED it! It was a crash course on medical dispensary training and gave me a great head start. I’m goin down the rabbit hole!
Kimberly A Whitaker
Valuable knowledge and correct information
Colby Wojcik
I attended the Boston class on March 24th 2019. I didn’t know there was this much to this industry. I took so much information in that it was a little overwhelming but were always students in a growing industry. I unfortunately failed my test so I didn’t get my certification but I’m going to go back and get it ASAP. They are very professional and well knowledge. If anybody is hesitant on paying the 250 it’s Totally worth it because that money is basically paying for a full time position anywhere in a booming market. Also if you fail the test at the end of the course don’t get down because the class is always free just stick by your word when you say your gonna show up for the class. If you don’t then it’s a costly mistake.
Jackie Nance
training, and extensive knowledge that is in todays markets...friendly networking, cant wait for things to come...
Kelley Owen
Joan from Hemp Staff was amazing!!! Because of her, I was able to get my dream job. This agency is the best at what they do and I urge everyone to check them out. THANK YOU JOAN!!!
Blanco Leo
Very excited 😊 and pleased 😄
Courtney Rodgers
The Medical Marijuana Dispensary Training class was absolutely outstanding. The teachers take their careers very seriously and do everything in their power to educate. I highly recommend this class to everybody and anybody who wants to learn more about this upcoming industry! I was amazed at how much information I obtained, now I feel that I am prepared to start my career in this field. I could not be more ecstatic!
Halie Monroe
HempStaffs vast amount of marijuana knowledge and strong female leadership was inspiring. I admired the manner in which they addressed and respected the plant. They are not in this just for profit. It was obvious from the beginning HempStaff whole heartedly cares about educating and improving the overall standard of the marijuana industry. This class was beyond rewarding to attend. It’s exciting knowing a company like HempStaff exist and I am very grateful that they came through Oklahoma City. You most certainly get what you pay for.
Kate Salerno-Smith
great class, patiently waiting for Indiana to legalize
Tk Casteel
amazing! keep up the great work hempstaff💚
Rena McCain
It was nice to meet y'all at the Imperious Expo! I like what y'all are doing !
Ashley Papen
Very knowledgable. They give you good informative tools for you to use in future endeavors. Enjoyable class.
Kay Nasser
very beneficial for anyone looking to educate themselves on the medicinal industry
Meghan Reid
Smart enough to be on the for front
Dillon Dennis
Great job recruiting program. Staff were awesome, gave us extra information and made sure we had answered questions. I learned more that I thought I did.
Kyle Terrell
learned so much today. I recommend this 100%. The ladies who put it together was great and told us exactly what we needed to know! thank you for this opportunity.
Trey Weber
Great experience, instructors are knowledgeable and extremely caring about what they teach. Will return to the class again to learn more.
Gilberto Prats
I had the best time ever at my training session i wish I could do it again.
Kelli Durham
I loved this class! So much great information and the ladies running the training were knowledgeable and truly passionate about cannabis. My only complaint is that it wasn't longer (which in the bigger picture isn't actually bad, I don't think). I highly recommend taking this course!
Whitney Green
Farrah and her team are excellent teachers and public speakers. They present a magnificent blend of intellectual authority and charismatic presence. I freaking loved this seminar.
Ruben Moreno
Amazing instructors on-site and the material covered is comprehensive. Farrah is very engaging and covers the complex material in an easy way to understand. They also don't just teach you and leave you - they're a very helpful career resource post-seminar. I went twice in the past 6 months and this industry advances so rapidly, I'd personally suggest attending as many as you can to stay up to date.**The Medical Industry needs to seriously recommend making this course mandatory for ALL physicians. I've witnessed firsthand psychiatrists, pharmacists, and doctor attendees alike admit their colleagues don't have this level of understanding ...despite majority of their patients being new MMJ Patients or considering acquiring their MMJ Patient cards. And those patients are being fed misinformation due to current doctors only being knowledgeable about current prescription opioids that are soon to be phased out.
Ryan Moyer
This course has landed me my dream job in the medical cannabis field and I’m so blessed and thankful to have this opportunity thanks to Hemp Staff. Such a great course very knowledgeable and such a great community of people. 10/10 for me all day! Stay Green 💚
Ro Dā
Fantastic starter course...stocked full of information...great for those who already appreciate and those looking to be informed about cannabis
Gina Jackson
Good, informative workshop. Thoroughly enjoyed Farrah as an instructor.
Briana Pilarchik
enthusiastic and passionate about what they are teaching, the class was informative and all information is extremely useful. lucky to have had the opportunity to take the medical dispensary training class
Lisa Flohn
So much info.Learned so much,the staff was awesome upbeat and super imformative loved it!!!
Blake Lloyd
Very educational. Very informal. Everything you need to know about the state you live in laws and policies and also a very detailed breakdown of all the medical benefits that cannabis has to offer. Well worth the money.
Alicia Denihan Eggers
When is registered for the class I was excited but wow excitement can even cover how I felt. It was great Farrah was amazing and Rosie was awesome. This was such an eye opener and a learning experience I cant wait to start my next journey I so recommend this to the individuals that truly believe in the medical benefits marijuana can bring individuals living in pain and stop the opiate epidemic here in ohio
Linda DeLamar
I was told about this class by a friend. It was well organized, professionally presented & very interesting. I learned much more than I anticipated. Great course.
Dan Amos
Great training staff. Thorough and educational. I enjoyed the session and learned a great deal more then I thought I was going to.
Julie Schwab
I just participated in the HempStaff Dispensary Training Course in Tampa, FL. Farrah has great stand-up skills and knows how to deliver a lot of information in just 4 hours. I had done a bit of research/networking before taking the course which I do recommend so it's more of expansion of knowledge than totally new information. Start with Farrah's advice: read at least one article a day (I say 5, but ...). Great job to Jackie as well and to everyone at HempStaff!
Alphonse Silvia
Took my class this morning with the lovely ladies of Hempstaff. LOVED IT! Very educational and the staff was awesome! Easy to talk to and very well informed.
Dana Descafano
A lot of valuable information and great instructors!!
Extremely informative. The class was even better than I imagined. They give you so many helpful tips and information. Highly recommend.
Airian Cook
I really found a much deeper respect and appreciation for cannabis after further research and passing this course @HempStaff. The power this plant has to heal medically and socially change the world is limitless. It's truly a gift from the Creator for us to harness. As we experience a changing of the tide, I look forward to seeing more scientific breakthroughs as the world continues embracing marijuana culturally...

With love,

Airian Cook (@theh2obearer)

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Michael Petruzzelli
Great course great training info and directive staff that Know what they are talking about,and explain in the simplest terms highly recommend.
Ernesto Ortiz
Rob Izbicki
Great Class!!! I highly recommend it to everyone trying to get into the cannabis industry! Thank You!!!
Megahn Rineman
I have gone to two training and it’s worth it ! Very knowledgeable and professional staff !
Emily Koehler
I really enjoyed taking this class. Well worth the money + time spent! Rosie and Farrah are excellent speakers and really know their stuff down to the core. Super helpful with updating your resume and any questions regarding the industry that come to mind. Keep up the great work guys 🙂
Rebecca Nelsen
This course was phenomenal! It was put on by women, which means a lot to me. They were great presenters, professional, and approachable. The info provided in this class was clear and concise, and I will absolutely use the guide given to us for reference. The course itself was more about Cannabis information, regulations and rules surrounding it here in my state, and less about technical training which would need to be acquired on the job as each dispensary will look different. I feel extremely confident about the material they covered and its ability to help me flourish in the medical cannabis field. Now if Arkansas can just get its stuff together so we can begin actually operating 🙂
Robert Earl Meinert
Thank you Rosie, Norma and Farrah. Please keep up the amazing work. May you be well.
Andrew Suttman
Vickie L Cerney
Sandie Grace Rivera
The cannabis industry is slow getting on it's feet in Arkansas. This was a great class on how everything will work for our state and it being so new, hopefully will be a big help on getting my foot in the door. I'm still doing online classes and taking in as much as I can. It just stinks this wasn't available 20yrs ago when I was going to college in California. Very professional and informational. It definitely helped answer a lot of questions I had. Thank you ladies! Much appreciation for your time and effort!
Nichole Wickliffe
Marcy Crawford
Daniel Kolson
Damaris Delgado De Jesus
Damaris Delgado
Excellent course very instructive and interesting. To the instructors Rosie and Farrah, thanks so much it was a pleasure and now I'm ready for the next level.
Alexis McMillen
I just took this ! They are fabulous! Honestly I learned a ton in 4 hours, most of which I hadn’t even considered. So glad I did this Thank you so much for coming !
Kim Friedrich Christie
Gilbert Bilal Abo Roger
William E Sweeten
James Frank
Ceara Hoffman
Roman Starr
Excellent employment opportunities and training. Thank you for being out there!
Michael Schlaner
You did a great job and i thoroughly enjoyed this coure. Keep up the great work. I look forward to the next class
Morgan McHugh
Markeese Wright
Overall the seminar was very informative. All of the topics they covered in the 4hr period were thorough. Both speakers were very knowledgeable and honest. Looking forward to getting my feet in the door of the cannabis industry.
Tim Harvey
Dwight Faison
Terry Wright
This workshop was very educational and thumbs up! I passed the Dispensary certification.
Lisa Arana
Romello McAdoo
Dieu Merci
هل من القليل اليوم لا نوم لا خمر ولا حبوب ولا حشيش
Anna Adams
Farrah & Rosie were really engaging & upbeat which was perfect for the 8am class. Lots of great technical info on the chemical breakdown of cannabis & the legal landscape of medical cannabis as a whole.
Tristan Kohlhoff
Awesome class! From Michigan but attended the class in Ohio. I will definitely be going back to the class when they are in Michigan to learn more specifically about the laws that will apply to me in my state.
Britany Slobodjian
Stevie Hamilton Jr.
Timia Bond
Nick Hauptman
I just attended the class in Little Rock and thought it was excellent. Farrah and Rosie done a great job and I highly recommend this class to anyone wanting to start out in the industry. Thanks ladies!!
Ryan Magidoff
Moriah Pamyu
Super awesome class! The class was educational, and very fun. The staff were amazing people as well. Definitely recommended.
Jordann Tweed
The class was well put together and Farrah's and Rosie's energy was awesome the whole way through!
Donna McDowell
I was so glad to get some real information about not only the medicine but also the inner workings of this highly lucrative industry.
Vijay Andy Boodoo
Mackenzie Leigh
Awesome class. Farrah was great, she def made it fun but to the point, esp being for a 4 hour class starting at 8am. Loved her vibe. Rosie is amazing as well, you can tell she really knows this industry. They both were incredibly informative not only in the science and biology route, but really helping understand the first steps to getting into the cannabis industry. Highly recommend this class if you're looking for that foot in the door! Thanks again ladies!
Don Vondra
Hemp staff is a professional staffing corse that was extremely informative, about the laws, rules and regulations. As well as the way things have to be done. They teach about the entire cannabis plant and the legal ways of consuming it for different reference from legal doctors writing referrals. The corse is fast but compartmentalized well. With direct contact with answers as the power point presentation walks you through there objective of getting you up to date with your state. And insure that any dispensary hires from hemp staff are well informed and well spoken professionals.That are going to treat your business with a trusting knowledgeable can do attitude. I got certified today. And that's my review.
Ramon Rivera
Kvng Kvng
Finally!! A Job I'm Good At 😂😂 But Very Respectable Employees And Nice Environment. Can't Wait Til My First Day 💙
Alicia Cannadoll
This course was brilliant! I walked in timid and insecure about how little I knew. I walked out with confidence to pursue my passion and a will to do my resume! It was empowering! I will be attending future classes if only to walk out feeling as empowered as I did today. They exceeded my expectations for sure.
Mark Heil
Just got home from taking the class this morning and WoW!!! Tons of info in this class and I will be back in December for a refresher for sure. If you're looking to get in the Medical Cannabis Industry then this is a must do class. I knew I was going to learn a lot more about Cannabis in general but I'm in knowledge overload right now. The staff was incredible to talk with and extremely knowledgeable about the history, growth, medical uses and both Federal and State laws as well. Awesome, awesome class!!!
Margot Cardinale
HempStaff is a top notch recruitment and educational company that provides positive and accurate information regarding the legal medical cannabis industry. The Dispensary Training course is incredibly informative and I would highly recommend it to anyone who is interested in entering the industry, or simply learning about medical cannabis - you will learn a ton from an amazing, friendly & professional staff.
Yamelys Arce
Musty Blue
Professional and educated staff and very informative seminar. I have recommended to friends and they will be attending the next seminar.
Karen Campbell
Liz Grow
Bill Scott
Becki Miller
Andrea Portela
Excellent professionalism and very friendly...
Loved the Educational class!!
Haidy Gaitan Ulloa
Very informative class ! Looking forward for an event in NYC !
Marilyn Francesca
Excellent training course about medical cannabis and its benefits to those with a doctors recommendation. The lecture was very much like a medical seminar and the exam was not easy. If you take the course pay attention or you won't pass it because the company is very professional and expects its student to follow suit. Thank you for an excellent lecture and experienced training experts who respect individuals and this new field.
Brittany Richards
Very informative class! I enjoyed learning about all the up to date laws & info pertaining to my state. Very excited to continue attending future classes! ✌💚🌱
Tiphany Marotta
Very informative and up to date. Thank you for your service and excellence to proper education of the subject!
Blu Eulisse
Very informative people. This is an up and coming industry that will need skilled people. I'm thankful that they are here to provide what will be needed.
Pat Man
Great Seminar, good humor, but most of all- professionalism and able to maintain the room occupants to the same standard. I have some valuble knowledge in the products that now exist in our country.
Philo Sophical
Awesome page love the content
Informative and intuitive
Alex Kennedy
Kathy Holobovich
Very informative and professional presitation, staff are well educated and knowledgeable, spent plenty of time answering any questions to make sure that you are well informed before leaving and will follow up with you. If you have a chance, take the opportunity to become informed!
Kristy Cramer
Lindsey Marie
Amanda Bosch
Amazing team and knowledgeable staff! If they come to your city, take the course and get an incredible education.
iconic_ kpop_
Martha Bogart
You guys are awesome! You definitely know what you are doing!
De'Linda Barber
This company is super awesome. They take the time to educate and answer questions and they are great people too.
Maigan Lopez
Cannabis Education is key if we want this industry to grow (no pun intended) in the right direction. Erasing stigma and bringing the truth about the benefits of the cannabis plant will only help everyone in the future. HempStaff is Doing this. Keep up the good fight guys and gals.
Amanda Bosch
I cannot say enough wonderful things about this company and the folks behind the wheel. I took one of their training courses and was blown away by their expertise, wealth of training materials and over all presentation. From beginning to end they flat out earned every single dollar I spent on the course. I was given a mass of important information, but it was presented in such well laid out manner that it was easy to consume and absorb. They have top notch instructors and ensure that all course materials are up-to-date and concurrent with the laws of each State. To top it off - those four hours were well worth the investment as it lead me to an opportunity to work for Hempstaff itself! A five star review is not enough! If they come to your city, invest in yourself. Take the course!
Sammie MCcoy
Love what this company stands for!! So informative!
Farrah V
This company is amazing! I've seen personally how hard they work and the time and energy put into the classes presented. I took the class and now work as a recruiter at Hempstaff, they prepared me for employment and then employed me! Five stars all day!