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HempStaff Affiliate Program

Are you a Cannabis Ancillary Business?

Do you have several contacts in the legal marijuana industry looking for training or staffing?

Do you know cannabis business owners who need HempStaff’s Recruiting Services or looking to train their Dispensary Staff?

If you Answered YES to ANY of the above, and are looking for AN ADDITIONAL REVENUE STREAM…
HempStaff’s Cannabis Affiliate Program may be for you!

Cannabis Affiliate Program Goal:

To find licensed Cannabis business owners with an immediate need for employees.

Cannabis Affiliate Program Execution:

A HempStaff Business Developer must have a signed “Recruiting Agreement” with a licensed Cannabis business owner and fills that position with a HempStaff candidate.

Cannabis Affiliate Program Commission:

Commission will be paid once client pays the invoice, within 15 days of the offer letter being signed. This is paid for EVERY placement for the LIFE of the contract with HempStaff! What a great residual income source!

Management Position Commission: $1,000.00
Entry level/Hourly Position Commission: $500.00

Commission for HempStaff cannabis training courses are done on a case by case basis.

We also offer partnerships assisting other cannabis recruiters in securing candidates!

Interested and want to see a HempStaff Cannabis Affiliate or Partnership Contract?
Fill out the form below for more information:

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