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HempStaff Affiliate Program

If you’re looking for a job you’ll love with all your heart and wallet, the cannabis industry is the water to dip your toe in. And it’s just as perfect for those on the other side of the fence running an ancillary business. By joining HempStaff’s Marijuana Affiliate Program, you can easily develop a new revenue stream while matching qualified employees with employers. It doesn’t require any investment and is available for ancillary businesses and those linked to cannabis companies in the USA. Does affiliate marketing sound somewhat bizarre to you? Let’s make it clearer: our Cannabis Affiliate Program is a commission-based partnership in which you match marijuana business owners with talents. You don’t need to deal with business management challenges or recruitment processes. All you have to do is help fill positions using the database of HempStaff candidates and earn a commission for every job our students land with you. Once you get down to the nuts and bolts of the cannabis affiliate network, you can skyrocket your income with management and entry-level position commissions. It’s up to you to decide what tools and social connections to use along the way. With so many candidates in the HempStaff database, it’s easy to match specialists with different experience levels as part of our marijuana affiliate offer. Even if you bring a candidate or two, it can instantly boost your revenue.

Cannabis Partner Program for recruitment and training

The legalization and the hype around cannabis products have contributed to the development of new jobs and shifts in the labor market. You can cash in on this by signing up for our Marijuana Dispensary Affiliate Program. It’s rewarding for all our partners as it generates many income opportunities. To put it in the financial context:

You can earn $500 for every entry-level and $1,000 for a manager who gets hired from your client referrals – for life of the contract!

It’s simple math! Additionally, HempStaff runs many training courses to help people get into the cannabis industry. Our Affiliate Program for cannabis employers is a double win as you can also earn a commission for inviting 10+ students to join our courses. Our courses are available all year round. The HempStaff candidate database is primarily made up of those who have successfully completed the following training sessions.

Basic dispensary training

This 2.5-hour training covers the key retail aspects of the cannabis business, from special product features to dosage recommendations. If you’re going to become a marijuana dispensary affiliate with HempStaff, you can match the candidates who have completed this course with most entry-level dispensary job openings. They already know how things work in a dispensary and what their daily responsibilities will be. The certificate we issue for every student is valid proof of that.

Advanced cannabis science training

This advanced training takes students through how the plant’s ingredients affect the body and mind upon regular consumption of marijuana. It covers many biological processes to explain the effects of THC, CBD, and other cannabinoids. Our students are taught to recommend cannabis varieties based on the condition being treated, making them great fits in dispensaries, hemp stores, and other businesses. By recommending this training, you can help more people deepen their knowledge of the cannabis plant and improve the well-being of medical cannabis patients. It works especially well for those using our Cannabis Affiliate Program and having many contacts who may be interested in breaking into the industry.

Dispensary manager training

This 2.5-hour training is a treasure trove of answers for would-be managers. Students who take this course develop a better understanding of their obligations, areas of responsibility, regulations, and procedures. The training prepares them for management positions and is great for cannabis industry employees and new career seekers alike.

Cannabis & hemp sales training

Selling something is hard, but those with our cannabis and hemp sales training behind their skills are qualified to sell cannabis products through thick and thin. This course allows them to get to know their target audience and provides many tips on building a robust sales network to sell through a marijuana affiliate website, online dispensary, or physical store. That’s why salespeople who have been trained with HempStaff get hired faster than other candidates for sales positions.

Cannabis cultivation training

Are you thinking about joining HempStaff’s Marijuana Affiliate Program to match your contacts in the cannabis industry with professional cultivators? Our cannabis cultivation training teaches students to grow top-shelf products in the best locations using the best harvesting techniques. In other words, there are no better candidates for the positions you’re looking to fill. You can also spread the word about this course among your social media followers who may be interested in marijuana cultivation for personal use. Just don’t forget to guide them through the registration process to snatch your commission.

State-specific dispensary training

State regulations are not created equal for cannabis businesses. So if you are about to become an online cannabis products affiliate in the USA, you may want to figure out what laws apply to each position and product in your area. That’s what our students learn with our state-specific dispensary training. This course looks at labor laws, proper dosage, possession limits, POS requirements, and other important things that are specific to Illinois, Connecticut, Florida, New York, Massachusetts, and other states. All our students are rewarded with a certificate of completion to prove their skills and knowledge for state-specific job openings.

Let’s help the cannabis industry grow together

Our mission is to do all we can for the cannabis industry to grow and benefit the people involved in it. Our affiliate program is a fantastic opportunity to contribute to the purpose. Whether you’re an HR or ancillary business, we are ready to join our efforts to search for the best fits for job openings in the USA. Make use of HempStaff’s Cannabis Partner Program to access our candidate database to match people with jobs for a commission or secure them for your business!

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