Testimonial 11

“I loved how upbeat and passionate the speakers were, made themselves very approachable for questions after the event was over”

Testimonial 10

“I love the fact that I’m allowed to return to any class anywhere. It’s a BIG plus that we get help with formatting resumes. They were well organized and seem to be very supportive. I have recommended this class to friends.”

Testimonial 9

“The knowledge provided was invaluable. I feel so much more informed and able to get started in this industry. I feel like this class will provide we with a step above ‘entry level’”

Testimonial 8

“The presenters were very informative, very personable and very encouraging I was completely engaged and entertained by them. My interest was magnified exponentially by the delivery of the subject manner as well as the science and regulations of it all. I would greatly recommend this cert seminar for anyone interested in the medicinal cannabis field.”

Testimonial 7

“You get tons of knowledge that will set you aside from the crowd when applying for jobs in the medical marijuana industry. Plus, you get to keep the book to reinforce what you learn”