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7 Eye-Opening Benefits of a Career in Cannabis

Cannabis Careers

The cannabis industry is booming as more and more states move towards legalization. This means that this might be the best time to begin your future career in cannabis. 

Plenty of people think that they want to work in the marijuana industry but they really just want to smoke on the job. What are the actual great reasons to get into cannabis industry jobs? Let’s talk about it

Keep reading to learn about 7 great benefits of beginning a career in the cannabis industry.

1. It’s Stable

As long as you’re a good worker there’s going to be plenty of work to be done. This is a stable career that isn’t going anywhere so long as there aren’t major cutbacks made to marijuana legalization (which at this point isn’t likely. Politically speaking, most people tend to agree that legalization is the answer).

Jobs in the cannabis industry can give you solid hours and a potential for growth in the future depending on the field that you’re working in.

Those who work in a cannabis dispensary may not be as stable as those who work on a cannabis farm, but it’s still stable for a cannabis career in sales or retail and you know that your clients are most likely going to be return customers. 

All of this aside, the money is also stable. The jobs in the cannabis industry often pay well even at the entry-level. Higher-level positions can pay more than the national median income for that type of position.

2. It’s Growing

As we mentioned before, the cannabis industry is growing. This means that working in the cannabis industry is going to help you grow professionally as well. 

As more and more states legalize marijuana and set up the infrastructure for cannabis sales, you gain the option to be more mobile. You no longer have to stay in your current state, not matter if they have legalized marijuana or not – especially in sales there are many remote jobs working for cannabis companies in other states.

Once you gain the necessary skills working in the industry, you can find cannabis work across the country. People will need skilled cannabis workers with experience, and in current illegal states that are about to legalize, almost no one has that experience. 

If there’s somewhere that you’ve always wanted to live, look into cannabis jobs and see if you’re able to make a profitable move.

3. It’s Recession-Proof 

We’ve recently learned that the sale of cannabis is an essential service as marijuana dispensaries country-wide remained open when many other industry shops and services were forced to shut their doors in protective efforts against the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Some people rely on marijuana for medical purposes while others just use it to take a brief vacation from the stress of their daily lives or socialize.

This shows that the industry is safe. You’ll have a marijuana job even when things get tough. A recession can devastate a country, but you’ll be able to retain your position in a cannabis career.

4. You’ll Feel Good About Your Job

You might not enjoy your work all the time, no one does. You will, however, know that you’re working in an industry that you feel good about and that supplies something that you enjoy. 

If you’re a grower, a cannabis cultivation site worker or trimmer you get to see the process from the beginning which may be interesting to someone who’s invested and interested in cannabis to begin with.

If you work in a dispensary you get to talk about things that you’re educated about and that you enjoy – cannabis! Everyone loves a salesperson who knows what they’re talking about.

Buyers who aren’t educated about marijuana (perhaps who are new to it) will really appreciate your enthusiasm.

5. Experience Isn’t Necessary

Experience in any industry helps when you’re trying to land a job, but the cannabis industry is still relatively new (if not completely new depending on your location). Employers can’t expect you to have 10 years of experience in cannabis when it hasn’t been legal for that long in your state. 

If you’re going into the retail side of things, they may ask for standard retail experience, if you are looking into the cultivation side of things, they may just look for other farming or nursery experience. The cannabis industry needs workers and you can be there to help.

6. There Are Plenty of Career Options

Even if you aren’t intending on working in the cannabis industry forever, there are many career paths that you can choose and get valuable experience by getting into the marijuana industry.

You can gain medial retail experience from being a budtender, as well as eventual managerial experience. That looks great on a resume!

If you’re working the social media or advertising for your shop you can gain valuable marketing experience. Marketing is hot right now, so this can be huge for your future career prospects!

There are so many potential career paths that can stem from getting a start in the marijuana industry.

7. You Might Get Discounts

The primary reason that a lot of people get into the cannabis industry is the potential for discounted products. 

While not all jobs will have this benefit, many of them do offer employee discounts, if their state allows it. How much money do you spend on marijuana normally? Imagine getting paid to spend less money on your favorite cannabis products and to tell everyone about them. This is a great perk of the job if you can find it and it makes sense that so many people are interested in it.

Is a Career In Cannabis For You? 

Do all of these benefits sound like a dream come true? Working in the cannabis industry isn’t like being a drug dealer anymore. It’s a real job that comes with benefits and perks and it can provide a stable income for years to come.

If you’re interested in a career in cannabis, visit our site to learn more about cannabis jobs in your area.