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Top 10 Budtender Interview Questions

Looking for Bud-tender Interview Questions? We have complied the Top 10 Budtender Interview Questions below!

Dispensary agents, commonly referred to as budtenders, are the face of the dispensary and the face of the industry. However, not many owners, especially those who have ever been in the cannabis industry before are sure wha budtender interview questions to ask.

Whether you’re a three-person company or a 500-person corporation, your people are one of your most important assets. Operating in the cannabis industry means navigating through an uncertain and risky terrain.

So it is up to us to courageously propel this movement forward. Individual business owners and their employees must educate themselves as much as possible. Patients are relying on our expertise and guidance. Dispensary agents are the first point of contact for a patient, which means they can make or break an experience at your dispensary.

Hiring the right people for the position will determine the direction of your business. Hire the right people and they’ll help you bring your vision to life. Hire the wrong people and you risk shutdown. Still wonder why we create a entire post on budtender interview questions?

So how do you ensure then that you hire the right dispensary agents for your dispensary? Start by asking these ten budtender interview questions.

1.) Why do you want to work at our dispensary

Asking potential hires this question can tell you a lot about them. Not only will their response show a lot about their personality and motives, it will also reveal how much they know about your dispensary. In other words, have your potential dispensary agents done their homework? A dispensary may serve hundreds of patients per day or week. Dispensary agents need to be knowledgeable about the products and resources your dispensary offers. They should also be knowledgeable about the unique experience your dispensary provides. Don’t be afraid to ask candidates directly what they know about your dispensary.

2.) How do you deal with stressful situations at work?

Working in the cannabis world sounds exciting, and it is. We’re shedding stigmas, building businesses, and changing lives. However, working in this industry is also stressful. For dispensary agents, they are at the forefront of patient care. So stressful situations while on the job are a guarantee. Dispensary agents are not only advising patients – they’re working the register, ensuring compliance, and learning about new products. The ability to cope well under pressure is essential. Dispensary agents must be able to keep a cool head even in hot situations. Asking this question will indicate how a job candidate handles stressful situations at work.

3.) Can you explain the difference between cannabinoids and terpenes?

Dispensary agents are not only in charge of providing a positive patient experience; they also are responsible for advising patients. You should determine from the get go just how much an interviewee knows about cannabis. Every dispensary agent should easily be able to explain the difference between cannabinoids and terpenes. Dispensary agents can always further their education through cannabis training but they should possess some prior knowledge.

4.) What specific skills do you possess that would relate to this position?

Before hiring, you will want to determine how a candidate’s skill sets will support your dispensary. For example, do they have a background in customer service? How about marketing or even growing? You don’t want to just hire good candidates; you want to hire the best. Your dispensary agents play an important role in your dispensary. You want to make sure you’re bringing the right people on board. Ask candidates how their past experience relates to the current position.

5.) Tell us about a time you deal with an upset co-worker or patient. How did you deal with the situation?

No matter how amazing your dispensary is, at some point, you will have a difficult customer on your hands. Dispensary agents must possess the people skills and problem-solving abilities to handle these situations with grace. Asking a situational question can provide tremendous insight into a candidate’s ability to handle tricky situations. Great customer service starts with a positive patient experience. Your dispensary is not the only option in town. So it is up to you to provide an experience that keeps people returning to your store. And that starts with great customer service.

6.) Do you prefer working on your own or as part of a team?

Not all budtender interview questions are hard – you of course want a team player, however ask it anyone to see what they answer. Want to build an amazing team at your dispensary? Of course, you do! Teamwork is essential in any work environment. Dispensary agents must be able to effectively communicate with you and other members of your team. By asking this question, you can get a better idea whether an interviewee enjoys working with others. In addition, their response to this question will also indicate what role they tend to take on in a team. For example, are they a leader, follower, or mediator? Remember, you need a blend of personalities for a strong team.

7.) What would you recommend for patients when it comes to edible dosing?

What is one of the most frequently asked questions someone has when walking into a dispensary? Dosing. Determining the correct dosage can be a confusing and in some cases overwhelming process for patients. Therefore, dispensary agents must be knowledgeable enough to guide patients. From infused chocolates to cannabis teas, there are many different products each with unique dosing considerations. Dispensary agents should always encourage patients to read dosing guidelines before consuming. In addition, dispensary agents should also advise patients to start slow. By asking this question, you can better assess a prospective candidate’s customer service skills along with their proficiency in edible dosing.

8.) Can you tell us about the different types of cannabis concentrates?

Shatter, wax and oil are just a few types of concentrates your dispensary may carry. Because dispensary agents are assisting patients, they must be able to clearly explain the difference. While candidates certainly don’t need to know every detail about concentrates, they should have some basic knowledge.

9.) What would you do if there were a line of patients out the door?

You are in the process of building an incredible dispensary. Which means you’re going to have a lot of patients to serve. Dispensary Agents must be able to effectively help these patients. Asking this situational question is a great way to determine how a potential dispensary agent handles hectic environments. Keep in mind there is no perfect answer to this question. However, an interviewee’s response will reveal a lot. For example, are they a team player? How are their problem-solving skills? See how candidates react to real situations they may face on the job with this question.

10.) How would you ensure a great patient experience?

The final and most important of the budtender interview questions. What keeps people walking into your dispensary week after week? It is not the products – it’s the people. Numerous dispensaries in town may offer the same products as your dispensary. However, they may not provide the same experience. Dispensary agents have the opportunity to make genuine connections. Going the extra mile for customers separates your operation from the next. You need to know your Dispensary agents can provide incredible service.

Invest in your people and your dispensary will reap the rewards. Whether you’re looking to hire your first employee or your hundredth, add these budtender interview questions to your hiring list.