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Inside the Canadian CBD Oil Industry: Why Everyone is Shopping Online

What are Terps?

The CBD oil industry in Canada has become so massive that everyone now wants to get in. From small businesses to multinational companies, I think it’s safe to say that the future of CBD is bright. And among so many CBD products on the market, CBD oil is still king. People from beginners to enthusiasts are relying on CBD oil to get the CBD they need.

Now, I am sure that many business-minded people are now eyeing CBD products, especially CBD oil. Perhaps you are one of those people looking to make a profit from CBD. But before you start, there is one thing you should know. Canadians love to shop online, so it makes sense to utilize e-commerce to sell CBD products.

But why do Canadians love shopping online? Can you still make a profit from only selling CBD from an offline store? Let’s talk more about the reasons why everyone in Canada loves shopping for CBD oil online.

Cheaper prices

It’s safe to say that the cheaper prices of online stores are the number one reason why Canadians love shopping online. There is a big difference between the price of CBD oil purchased from online stores and offline stores. It is common to find the prices for CBD oil and other products online to be cheaper than in offline stores. Not to mention all the perks that you could get like cashback, free delivery, and discounts.

It makes sense when you think about it. There is an intermediate cost of making CBD products available to people in offline stores. And comparing prices between one product to another could be more difficult as well in an offline scenario. Of course, this isn’t exclusive to CBD products. Other items that are also being sold online tend to be cheaper than their offline counterparts.


E-commerce has changed almost every market known to mankind. Now people can order things online and have them delivered to their homes. For many people, online shopping is simply better because of how convenient it is. It doesn’t matter if the items they want are available near their homes, online shopping is still preferable sometimes.

And it’s not just easy ordering and delivery that entice people, having all kinds of products in one place is also a huge perk. Imagine going to a physical store to get the CBD oil that you want, only to find out that they don’t have it. Browsing CBD oil online isn’t only easy but also very practical.


While it is true that CBD products have been consumed by many people in Canada. And that many new CBD businesses have been built. Not everyone in Canada has access to an offline store near their homes. People who live in rural areas may have difficulties finding or reaching an offline store to buy CBD oil.

For these Canadians, online shopping has become the best solution for their CBD needs. Now they can just browse and order online from websites in Canada like cbdoilguide.ca and others. And with all the promotions and free delivery, delivery cost shouldn’t be a problem most of the time.

There is also something else that makes online shopping a more viable alternative. I am talking about the fact that, in many areas, CBD products are more available in online markets. So it is apparently common to find more CBD products online than in offline stores. Of course, as a consumer, you should also be aware of all the risks of shopping CBD online.

Getting the best quality products

There are just so many CBD products in Canada. But unfortunately, some of these products are not worth your money and could even be harmful to you. Quality assurance is a pretty big concern in the CBD oil industry. With many people are trying to make a profit, we are now seeing many low-quality products on the market.

Thankfully, with online shopping, you can avoid bad products by relying on online resources. These online resources, like news articles, third-party lab test results, online reviews, and many others, could help you avoid harmful products completely. So, make sure you do your research before diving into the world of CBD.

Online shopping is truly the future of CBD

It is clear now that the whole CBD oil industry is relying a lot on online stores. If you are planning to open up your own CBD oil business, you can’t simply ignore e-commerce. Even better, try to educate your customers about CBD oil and other products.