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Cannabis 101: Top 13 Health Benefits of Cannabis (Backed by Science)

Cannabis is a good alternative medicine that millions of people around the globe use. But did you know that cannabis can be found in various forms and there are many potential benefits of it too. For example- globally several people are already using cannabis to treat anxiety and other disorders and they have been quite effective too. The US Food and Drug Administration has not banned the use of cannabis for alternative treatments but has not given it a full legal status too. But the US Farm Bill has legalised hemp and making of cannabis from it. People often confuse cannabis with weed. Here is an excellent guide on how to sober up from weed, read here for more information.

Here are some health proven health benefits of cannabis:

  1. Chronic Pain: There are over hundred chemical compounds in cannabis and collectively they are known as cannabinoids. Due to their unique chemical composition they have been known to provide relief to chronic pain. Medical cannabis is also a by-product of cannabis and is widely used to treat chronic pain. It is a lot better and effective way to treat chronic pain than by using opioid based medicines. You can also use dry herb vaporizers for the added convenience of having cannabis on the go.
  2. Improved Lung Capacity: According to a study published by the TIME magazine, smoking cannabis actually increases your lung capacity. This is quite the opposite when compared directly with cigarette smoking. 
  3. Weight Reduction: According to scientific studies it is proven that cannabis aids in maintaining a high body metabolism and also regulates insulin. So cannabis users are usually not very overweight because whatever calories they are intake is being efficiently digested and processed by their bodies.
  1. Prevents Diabetes: Globally millions of people suffer from diabetes. But as you saw in the above point, cannabis can help our body regulate insulin. According to another study by the American Alliance for Medical Cannabis (AAMC) cannabis helps to stabilise blood sugars and it also lowers the blood pressure and improves blood circulation too. So all this in conjunction helps lower the risk of diabetes.
  2. Depression: Depression is something which is a secret disease i.e most people who have it didn’t even know that they had it until much later.There is a chemical compound inside cannabis called endocannabinoid. This compound can help stabilise your mood and then ease your depression.
  3. Cancer Prevention: Certain types of cancer can be treated upto an extent by cannabis. Scientists still do not know what exactly caused the cancer cells to shrink but they do know that due to cannabis intake the cancer causing cells have shrunk.
  4. Autism: Cannabis can already treat people with depression by changing their mood. But did you know that cannabis can also help alter the mood for people with Autism. According to several people they have seen their Autistic family members remain cool and calm after having cannabis.
  5. Seizures: According to a research paper published by the Epilepsy foundation it was seen that cannabis intake can help control seizures. However further studies are ongoing regarding this, but the initial results are promising.
  6. Broken Bones: According to a bone research study published by the Washington Post cannabis can actually help people with weaker bones. The study found out that the chemical compounds in cannabis can actually help people prevent breaking of bones and also make them stronger
  1. Attention Deficit Disorder: People with attention deficit disorder and ADHD have trouble keeping their focus on one object or task. They actually have trouble doing any work too. So they can use cannabis to improve their cognitive abilities and also increase their concentration too. When compared to Adderall and Ritalin cannabis intake is a much safer overall choice.
  2. Glaucoma: Glaucoma is a disease of the eye which puts increased pressure upon the eyeballs and it can be very painful for the individual suffering from it. The pressure will still be there but cannabis intake can help the glaucoma patients not feel the pain and hence provide them with a temporary relief.
  3. Alzheimer: Alzheimer’s disease is caused when our brain tissues start to slowly degenerate and hence we keep on forgetting our memories. Cannabis has endocannabinoid which contains anti-inflammatories. These anti-inflammatories can help you fight brain inflammation and hence help you prevent the onset of Alzheimer.
  4. Arthritis: Arthritis is another disease of the bones wherein the bone joints slowly start to develop friction and hence causes tremendous pain. You can buy a cannabis based cream or balm and then apply that to the bone joints to help you manage the pain.


Cannabis is a good alternative medicine which can help reduce your pain from various ailments and also keep you stress free.