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How to Make a Career in the Cannabis Industry? 

The cannabis industry is one of the fastest growing industries in the market. As the recreational use of cannabis was legalized a lot of people started using it thereby paving the way for creation of job opportunities. In 2021, the job sector in the cannabis industry saw a 33% jump. 

In the United States, the cannabis industry has managed to create around 400000 job opportunities. With so many job opportunities you are likely to get a lot of advantages as well. It is important that you establish your career in the cannabis industry and derive a host of benefits. 


Starting a Career in the Cannabis Industry

One of the best ways to establish your dynamic career is to start with the cannabis industry. Since it is just a growing industry there are a lot of opportunities that you will be experiencing. Whether it’s temporary or permanent, you are likely to experience a lot of opportunities here, especially in terms of earning money as well.. 

Popular Job Options in the Cannabis Industry

Once you’ve made up your mind to start your job in the cannabis industry, you should know that there are several options. Considering the rise in the cannabis industry, where people are looking to shop products like budpop disposables, gummies, tincture, and oil, various job opportunities for individuals are also coming up. 

Some of the most popular job options that you can opt for in the cannabis industry are as follows:

Temporary Jobs

If you have no prior experience in the cannabis industry, you should consider moving to temporary jobs. It can be the setting stage for your career in the cannabis industry as it will help you establish connections for the future. If you perform well in your temporary jobs, you’ll be able to establish a strong hold and excel in your future endeavors. 


You must have heard of the term ‘bartender’, but budtender sounds like a new concept, doesn’t it? Well, a budtender tends to function in the same way as a bartender but in the lines of the cannabis industry. A budtender is an expert professional who would help customers choose the perfect line of cannabis products. 

They look out for health standards, and fire safety instruction. The budtenders usually have knowledge and sales experience in the cannabis industry that makes it one of the best entry level jobs. If you don’t want to go with farming but establish a career in the retail cannabis industry, becoming a budtender can be a great option. 



Trimmers may not require experience, but it is considered to be one of the most important jobs in the industry. As a trimmer, you will be responsible for checking that the harvested cannabis is free from stem and leaves. It should be ready to be packaged and sold in the market. 

A trimmer’s job responsibility also requires weighing, packaging and labeling all the trimmed buds. They must also be aware of the safety standards, especially in terms of laws and regulations adhering to the cannabis industry. If you want to get into cannabis cultivation in the long run, you should start considering a job as a trimmer. 

Delivery Sales

The online sale of cannabis products is growing in the market at a rapid scale. Thus, there’s a huge demand for delivery sales partners. As a cannabis delivery driver, your role would include checking, organizing and delivering the product to the right place within the timeline. 

Becoming a delivery driver for the cannabis industry also requires extensive knowledge of the industry. While the delivery driver gathers the knowledge of the industry, it is also important to be aware of the state regulations and guidelines especially to avoid any discrepancies in the long run. This can be the perfect job for someone who wants to establish a career in the retail cannabis industry. 

Warehouse and Packaging

If you don’t want to be on the forefront, but establish a career in the cannabis industry, picking up a job in the warehouse and packaging industry can be great. While this may not require much knowledge about the safety standards, a fair or basic idea about the same will be helpful. 

As a warehouse and packaging industry expert, all you will need to know is the laws regarding the shipping. When you’re in warehousing and packaging, you will gain significant knowledge about the behind-the-scenes of the cannabis industry. It can be a great way to learn about the inventory management of the cannabis industry. Therefore, you will constantly have to monitor the safety protocols and inventory movement. 

Find a Cannabis Industry Niche and Freelance

If you are planning to start with your career in the cannabis industry, but are slightly unsure about it, you should consider freelance. Freelancing in the cannabis industry is often disregarded as an option but it can bring significant changes in the long run. 

Before you commit yourself to a long term job, you should freelance to understand how the industry works. Therefore, one of the best ways would be to partner with a cannabis pharmacy who can give you insights into the industry. 

Freelancing in cannabis in a specific niche will play an important role in being familiar with the market. There are different cannabis industry experts that you can follow as well. This is one of the best ways to build your network and portfolio as well.  

Attend Cannabis Events

If you want to establish your presence in the cannabis phase, you should consider visiting and attending the events. You can keep a look around you to understand the different events that are happening. These cannabis events can also be one of the potential options to establish your career in this sector.


Final Thoughts

The cannabis industry can be one of the best places to get started with your career. Whether you want to get into cultivation or retail, the job opportunities and learnings are endless. You may consider partnering with experts, especially the ones who are aware of the guidelines and basics of getting started. As a result half of your work will be done and you’d be able to grow in the industry significantly.