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Medical Marijuana and Dispensary Training

Medical Marijuana Dispensary Training – Is it worth the registration cost to take marijuana classes to get jobs in the cannabis industry?

Well that most certainly depends on you; what you know and where you previously worked. Let me break this down—if you are a candidate who has a medical marijuana job as a dispensary manager for the past five years for a shop in downtown Denver that sees over 500 patients a day—chances are you DON’T need dispensary training and if you want to relocate—send us your resume because we have medical marijuana jobs on the East Coast for you! But if you are like most of our students; you are a looking for a medical marijuana career in a state that has a medical program that is just getting off the ground and you want to be part of the movement—then medical marijuana training is usually be the place for you to start your path to medical marijuana employment.

For those that do not know who we are – HempStaff is a recruiting and dispensary training agency. We do two things—for experienced people, we help them reach the next step on their medical marijuana career ladder by exposing their resumes to our clients who are looking to add or replace current staff members or starting new business altogether. For the inexperienced person who wants to get into the Medical Marijuana Industry, we offer professional medical marijuana training classes meant to boost their knowledge of working in a medical marijuana dispensary and boost their resume as well.

But let me tell you WHY we offer the dispensary training! We have made an effort to ensure that HempStaff is well known among Medical Marijuana Dispensary Applicants and Owners, specifically in newly opening Medical Marijuana States, because we believe that in order for the program to work well, there are two things that must happen. First, the staff of the dispensary must be trained- per most state laws – and more importantly because this is serious stuff, in most states it only medical and you will be dealing with very sick card holders! Second, the trained staff must be compassionate, confident and trained well enough that they are able to educate the card holder on what cannabis can and cannot do; allowing that card holder to make the best decision for their personal needs. When creating our syllabus, we surveyed several current medical marijuana business owners to find out how they trained their staff and we were amazed to find out that many did not have any type of formal training at all! As more states come onboard, they have training requirements built right into their state laws. When we create each state’s class, we incorporate those training requirements into our class so that our student is well versed in the current laws and expectations of their employer. Additionally – new business owners are quite clear on what they prefer and expect from their staff members and again, we include all that insight into our class to help you get a solid starting point.

Why pick HempStaff’s class over the online video classes you can buy? Good question- but it depends entirely on what you expect from the dispensary training. If all you have time for is to sit and watch a video, then at least do that, it is better to have that on your resume than nothing. However, the thing that makes HempStaff unique is our trainers that have years of experience working in a medical marijuana dispensary; their knowledge, experience and of course, their personalities. This live, classroom style approach gives you one on one time if needed to ask that question or get more insight, plus you get to hear other students ask questions you may have never even thought to ask. There’s nothing like being in a room of like minded people, sharing and learning about a topic that we all hold very near and dear to our hearts. We all want the medical marijuana programs to do well and HempStaff wants our students to succeed. The energy and the networking of this new booming industry can only be experienced in this type of setting.

So who’s teaching this class? Our trainers have years of experience in Medical Marijuana Dispensaries and several of them are now Dispensary Managers. Besides having dispensary experience, they all have extensive knowledge of cultivation from planting to trimming, infusion, extraction and an overall understanding of the entire industry. So—any industry related question you may have during the presentation, just ask and they are going to have the answer. Many of our students come to our class with a general understanding of cannabis, its qualities and the products out there. All of our students leave our class with a solid understanding of the Medical Marijuana Industry, how marijuana works to alleviate the card holder’s symptoms and how to start the process of breaking in to a medical marijuana career!

To summarize: How to get a job at a dispensary? Training, Networking and Persistence! How much do budtenders make? They usually start at $12-$15 per hour for entry level.

The Medical Marijuana Industry is just like any other industry – the more you learn, the more you will earn! #learntoearn