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The Best-Paying Entry Level Cannabis Jobs for Newcomers

entry level cannabis jobs

The below is a small amount of information on entry level jobs in the Cannabis and Hemp Industries. For a full 4 hour class on becoming a dispensary agent check out our Nationwide Budtender Training, Cannabis Basic Training or Advanced Cannabis Training.

Even though cannabis has been around for thousands of years, it’s making new waves in popularity all across the world.

The cannabis industry in the United States is worth billions of dollars, and it’s only continuing to grow. The same source tells us that this year alone, there’s been a 76% increase in cannabis jobs.

With marijuana being legal in 33 states, recreationally legal in 10 states and the recent CBD craze, exponential growth is imminent. Do you want to get your foot in the door with this budding (literally) industry?

Here are some of the best-paying entry level cannabis jobs for newcomers.

Delivery Driver

As medical cannabis delivery services are popping up everywhere, more delivery driver cannabis job opportunities are available.

Delivery drivers can work for the licensed cultivator, extractor or retailer. In addition, some states allow for licensed cannabis or cash delivery companies.

Delivery drivers must be over 21 with a clean background and a clean driving record. Business may also require previous delivery experiences. Some state require a CDL license or a Chauffeurs license to be approved as a driver.


The job of a budtender is probably the most well-known and coveted job involving cannabis. It can be called many things like Dispensary Agent, Patient Liaison, etc.

A budtender is someone who works behind the counter at a dispensary – medical or recreational. They are knowledgeable about and advise people on the cannabis products – they are product specialists. Dispensary reviews are very popular today and the dispensary agent is not only the face of that particular dispensary- they are ultimately the face of the industry for most of the consumers who will never meet the Director of Cultivation for that particular flower or the extraction specialist who created the tincture they are purchasing.

These positions are highly competitive and while more dispensaries are opening up every day across the country, each dispensary agent posts generate about 100 resume submissions. As a candidate, you will need to stand out. Previous experiences in retail and restaurants can be helpful as the job requires excellent customer service, cash handling and point of sale skills. Training is extremely important as it shows a passion for the cannabis plant and compassion for those that are using it.

he best budtenders are more than happy to answer questions, share their knowledge, and guide patients and customers to choose the best products for their individual needs.


If you’re not afraid to get your hands dirty, getting a job as a trimmer may be the perfect choice for your entrance into the cannabis industry.

And if you don’t like getting your hands dirty, you can always wear gloves, which most trimmers are required to wear anyway.

The job of a trimmer requires more knowledge than you might think. The key is to prune the plants without harming them and to do that, it’s important to understand plant anatomy and different strains. As a trimmer, you’re also responsible for sanitation control, maintaining equipment, and following proper procedures for manicuring and storing the product.

In some states, trimmers are seasonal workers and get paid by weight, however this is going by the way side. More and more cultivation centers are hiring site cultivation workers that trim when it is needed and do other duties on the farm when it is not.

Cannabis Marketing and Writing

Have you ever heard of SEO? It stands for search engine optimization.

Because we live in a digital age where most people get their information from social media and the web, cannabis marketing can earn you a pretty penny.

Cannabis Marketing is unique, since every state has different regulations, and it is still a federally illegal substance. This requires specific knowledge and writing tactics to bring traffic to a particular brand or website. For example, Google and Facebook still do not allow any cannabis (or CBD) companies to advertise.

Plus, there are strict laws that ensure marketers don’t accidentally advertise to people under the age of 21.

Working in the cannabis marketing field is fun! Plus, you’ll learn a lot while doing it.

Extraction Tech

Extraction technicians are responsible for creating the variety of products that all fall under the “concentrates” title. This can include oils, tinctures, wax, sublinguals, transdermal patches or pens and topical lotions, to name a few. People are finding relief from ailments like anxiety and pain when using cannabis concentrates.

There are a few different methods for the process of extraction. Extraction is the means through which cannabis growers remove beneficial cannabinoids like CBD and THC.

Now that Hemp is nationally legal, many states have started growing Hemp. While these farmers may know how to grow the plant, very few of them know how to extract the CBD from Hemp. As these products and medicines grow in popularity, so do the guidelines and restrictions.

The job entails working in a laboratory, quality control, and ensuring that the cannabis or hemp products are what they promise.

While it’s not necessarily an entry level job per se, it could be if you have education and/or experience in chemistry/science. Plus, it’s one of the top-paying cannabis jobs when you get the level of Master Extractor.


All successful companies have sales people. If you’re passionate about cannabis, becoming a sales person, sometimes referred to as a brand ambassador, is an excellent way to learn from and grow with a company.

The goal is to connect with potential customers through social media, in stores and dispensaries, and at trade shows.

Even though the cannabis industry is on an upward growth tick, the market is also saturated in that there are so many options and brands.

There are many things that set some companies apart from the rest, like extraction methods, organic products, non-GMO promises, flavor profiles and lab-tested products.

If you can be a great advocate for a particular brand, you’ll have a bright future ahead in the form of cannabis jobs and the industry.

Entry Level Cannabis Jobs Are in Abundance

The best way to get into the cannabis industry is to start with some cannabis training.

Business owners like to see candidates that went out of their way to get training. Want to get into a cultivation center but have no experience? Start with a local nursery to get to know “plants” to help your resume look better when you start applying for those trimmer or site work positions. Want that driving job? Start with getting some delivery experiences from other industries. Think outside the box. With all the food and grocery delivery services available, there are plenty of opportunities.

Are you looking for the next step in your career and want to get into a booming and beneficial industry?

Check out current cannabis job openings and register with us here.