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Cannabis & Hemp Sales Training

SALES, SALES, SALES!  This Cannabis & Hemp Sales training is a great starting point to help you understand what we sell, who we sell for and who we sell to. New to sales? We’ll show you how to build your network and begin your lead search to help you get ready to succeed at your first sales position. Not sure how to begin? We’ve got you covered with cover letter and resume writing, including post class resume review with a heavy focus on interviewing skills to get the job you want! Taught by HempStaff’s COO, Rosie!

Class held 11:00AM – 2:00PM EST on Saturday, April 30th, 2022 via LIVE Online, Interactive Webinar – Only $99!

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Cannabis Hemp Sales

Our passion for the cannabis plant is never ending and the Hemp and Cannabis Industry continues to explode, year over year. Because of that, business owners and entrepreneurs are bringing new products to the marketplace every day. With those new cannabis and hemp product launches, comes the need to hire more salespeople!  In fact, the fastest growing job title in both the hemp and cannabis industry is currently sales! This class is going to focus on the sales aspect of both industries from potential employers to potential customers.

Are you an experienced salesperson in another industry trying to figure out how to transfer your skills into the Marijuana Industry? This class is a great starting point to help you decipher which cannabis or hemp job opening is best suited to your skill level.

Maybe you are new to sales but have been working in the cannabis industry for years and want to learn more about sales to advance your career path? This class can help you build and expand the network you already have to put you in a better position to get noticed.

No sales background at all? Take this first step to launch your new career.

This training class will be sales focused. Our curriculum will target:

  • A review of the various sales job titles & job descriptions in the Hemp & Cannabis Industry
  • Products: we will highlight the various product types (biomass to crude oil to the final retail products) that you may be hired to sell
  • Businesses: What businesses hire salespeople? In other words, who may you be working for.
  • We will spend time breaking down the consumer and the consumer’s needs
  • Sales Techniques: We will spend a significant amount of time on sales strategies and techniques that will help you be a better salesperson.
  • Book of Business – What it is and how to manage it
  • B2B & B2C Sales
  • Job Search – we are recruiters so we know what it takes for candidates to get the job. We will detail the do’s and don’ts of creating your resume and replying to job posts. We will discuss each step of the interview process from phone screens to virtual interviews to the final meet and greets


HempStaff has been training candidates in the Hemp and Cannabis Industries for over 7 years now and since 2014, we have certified over 10,000 students, nationwide. Our training staff has passion for the cannabis plant, compassion for the consumer and is dedicated to helping both the candidate and the business owners reach their full potential. The team thrives on not only training candidates to go out into the industry and shine but we are extremely proud to be advocates in our industry. We know that the world will always be full of opposition but it is our goal, to change one mind at a time with fact and education. Knowledge is Power!

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