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What are all these Marijuana Business Conference and Tradeshows?

Marijuana Conferences

What are all these Marijuana Business Conference and Tradeshows?

There are quite a few Marijuana Business Conference and Tradeshows popping up in every state that has some type of medical marijuana program or at least has hopes for after the election of 2016. Some of these events have been around for five years now and are very valuable to the industry, while others are newbies. Choose wisely as the smaller, newer ones may be cheaper to attend but may not have the exhibitors and connections you wish to make. Most of these conferences will at least post a list of their exhibitors somewhere on their webpage – so be sure to check that out first, before shelling out your cash. Make sure you attend the one that will provide the value for your hard earned money no matter if you are looking to start a Cannabis Business or looking for Medical Marijuana Jobs.

So what should you expect from a marijuana business conference? 
Well-let’s start out with who you are and what your goals in the industry are:

Marijuana Business Owners:

If you own or are a potential cultivation license holder-you may be interested in the newest lights, grow mediums or organic fertilizers. Maybe you own a marijuana edibles kitchen and are looking for some new ideas. Or perhaps you are opening a marijuana processing business and you want to check out all the newest equipment that could increase your yield while decreasing your cost. Medical Marijuana Dispensary owners may want to check out the newest products and product showcases that are available to upgrade your shop. No matter what your need in the industry, you will probably find someone there to help you build your business at a marijuana business conference.

Medical Marijuana Job Seekers:

If you are experienced, and by that we mean with legal experience in another state that can be background checked (your badge number and the business’s license number), you may be able to meet some potential new business owners while networking about the various events. Don’t be shy – if you have a pass that includes food events, sit with people you don’t know – you never know who else is there. We always advise our students to network and volunteer (with places like NORML or patient advocate groups in your area) to get yourself out there and meet people fighting for the cause. If you already belong to one of those groups, talk with them, they may need volunteers to man their table and it will get you in for free. HempStaff attends the large spring and fall events held by Marijuana Business Daily and spends our time working with both business owners and experienced industry professionals – our goal is to put you both together and help you both be successful. We specialize in those hard to find, multi-year experienced professionals that are willing to relocate to help another MMJ program succeed. Not an experienced professional – but want to be? HempStaff can help with that. Our Dispensary Agent Training classes will help you learn about the program’s regulations in your state, the marijuana plant, how it works in the body, how it helps alleviate certain symptoms and what products may be available in your area. With competition so fierce and no legal medical marijuana experience, training is one of the best ways to get your resume noticed. Check out our current Budtender Training schedule Here.