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Welcome to 2016 – the year of the U.S. Presidential Election!

Welcome to 2016 – the year of the U.S. Presidential Election! The year a million promises will be made and very few of them will be honored. Hopefully, this is the year with the most states electing for recreational and medical marijuana freedom! We hope 2016 is the year many of you finally achieve your goal of recreational and medical marijuana employment!

I don’t have to tell you about all the recreational or medical marijuana initiatives out there-all you have to do, is read the paper or pay attention to social media. What does that mean for the industry? Recreational and medical marijuana JOBS! If more states open their minds up to alternative medication, more shops will open too. More shops mean more recreational and medical marijuana jobs. More jobs means less people having to rely on social programs like unemployment and food assistance which is better all around for our nation.

I know there are naysayers out there, but those can be found complaining for everything and anything, right? They are the ones that stand on their “un-earned” soapbox with megaphone in hand, spitting out all kinds of incorrect facts about drug dealers being caregivers, youth addiction and everything under the sun with absolutely no foundation of fact. If you don’t believe in Cannabis as medication, do some research of your own and make intelligent decisions, especially when it comes to voting time, but please don’t let the “loud people with financial interests elsewhere” cloud your judgment.

Loud people include folks like Mr. Sheldon Adelson from Las Vegas. He spent millions of dollars in Florida to help the opposition get their NO ad campaign going—spouting all kinds of lies – but to a state with an elder population who are easily brainwashed, the ads were enough so that , combined with lazy voters, was enough to have Amendment 2 fail in 2014 in Florida by 2.5%. Do you know why Sheldon he even cared about Florida-a state so far away from Nevada? He cared, because he wanted Gov. Scott to vote down the Seminole Agreement Renewal (which grants the Seminole Casinos the exclusive right to operate blackjack, craps and roulette) so that he could come in and build a monstrosity casino of his own. I have a feeling we won’t see him this time around in Florida, since the deal was signed for the Seminoles in December leaving no room for Adelson’s dirty money.

However, it’s really the politicians I’m talking about here. The “Big Pharma” companies are extremely opposed to cannabis. The switch to a natural medication of marijuana is certainly going to take a chunk out of their financial stash so they continue to donate lots and lots of money to the politicians to ensure a “no” vote on Cannabis issues. There are other politicians getting large donations from the Tobacco and Alcohol companies, to ensure that recreational and medical marijuana does not take their place. These are the same politicians that YOU vote into office to “have your back” and vote for issues that YOU, their constituents, believe in. Yet on the issues you care about, all they have is their own back pocket, voting the way that will benefit them the most. One of them in DC from Florida right now is currently making headlines for her lack of support on Cannabis while getting tons of money from the alcohol companies to line her pockets. Disgusting but hey, she was voted in right? The primaries are coming up quickly and if you are not registered to vote and aligned with a party, you will not be allowed to vote in the primaries. Of all the candidates out there, there is really only one that has cannabis on his platform and truly believes this should be a legal, prospering industry in this country. Make no mistake, I’m not telling you who to vote for. I am simply telling you to get off your couch and go vote. Do your research and get out there to ensure the candidate you want will at least get a chance in November to be their party’s candidate.

Propaganda is usually created by someone that has something to gain from it and then spread by the uneducated. Rumors about violent criminals and sexual assaulters ran rampant in the twenties and thirties in this country, creating this prohibition mess in the first place. The production of “Reefer Madness” in 1935 just helped spread the propaganda even more. And by 1936, the Marijuana Tax Act was established making it illegal to cultivate, possess, sell or use Marijuana in the U.S. In 2016, we have the internet, which is the fastest running rumor mill to have ever existed. Let’s use this grape vine to find the facts, rather than just the fiction. When researching, please use reputable resources on the internet rather than a few posts you see on Facebook. Let’s not let this rumor mill, dictate the laws for the next 80 years.