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What Is the Downside of Feminized

A few decades ago, to get sensimilla, growers had to remove male plants to prevent
pollination. Later, feminized marijuana became accessible and dramatically changed
the industry. They ensure that you get female plants in your crop. It seems that
feminised seeds are the perfect option for lovers of vivid impressions, but this is not
always the case. In the modern market, there is still a choice of both usual and
feminized seeds. It is very important for a grower to determine what exactly will be
the best alternative for them.

Purpose of feminization
First, let’s remember what feminization is and why these seeds are so widespread.
They give 99% only female plants, which are highly desired by many. To obtain
them, growers select the best plants of a certain variety and clone them. Then, the
bushes are exposed to colloidal silver or other chemicals. As a result, male pollen
sacs appear on females, which contain pollen with female genes. Seeds produced in
this way are in high demand as the buds of unfertilized girls contain the maximum
amount of THC.

Are there downsides?
Despite all the pluses, there are still serious downsides. One of them is the relatively
high price. This drawback has a reasonable explanation: if you buy regular cannabis,
you are guaranteed to get about half of the males, which automatically reduces your
yield. In addition, the presence of males in the crop can negatively affect the THC
content of the buds.
Another factor that can be a serious disadvantage for experienced growers is the
lack of male plants. Of course, you will grow excellent females, but if your goal is to
grow several generations or, for example, breed new varieties, then feminized seeds
are not the best option.
If you want to feminize seeds yourself, you should be aware of the complexity and
risks of this procedure. First, if you treat plants with chemicals, there is no 100%
guarantee that you will get a result. Secondly, it is important to collect pollen sacs on

time and pollinate the flowers as per schedule. If you do not have experience with
feminization, there are no guarantees of the success of this procedure.
The next downside is the tenderness of modified plants. They require an ideal
growing environment and are less stress-tolerant than regular plants. This is due to
some genetic inferiority of such species. A good harvest can only be expected if the
lighting, temperature, and other conditions in which the cannabis grows are correct.
You need to follow the manufacturer’s exact instructions so as not to be

What to choose?
Every grower has a choice of whether to buy regular or feminized seeds. The latter
ones are very common due to their excellent characteristics and almost 100% crop
of females. If you are not sure which variety to choose, you can turn to an
experienced grower, such as Herbies. In this online store, you will find the best
varieties of cannabis and will be able to choose what you need!