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Dispensary Owners prefer hiring trained employees, this is why we created our Budtender Training Classes! HEMPSTAFF has trained and Certified over 2,800 Dispensary Agents nationwide!

Current classes scheduled for Florida, Illinois, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Arkansas, Ohio and Massachusetts, scroll down for more information on these classes.
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Florida (TMP)
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August 26, 2017
Florida (TMP)
August 27, 2017
Florida (ORL)
September 9, 2017
September 23, 2017
Florida (Boca)
Deerfield Beach
October 7, 2017
Little Rock
October 21, 2017
Boston (covering all New England states)
November 4, 2017
December 2, 2017
December 9, 2017

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        HempStaff Dispensary Training Reviews

"I thought this medical marijuana dispensary training was well worth my time and money. I was satisfied and felt optimistic in the direction things are moving after seeing others talk about one of my biggest passions the past 4 years. Highly approve of approach to let those who do not pass the Budtender certification test return until they know and understand the basics needed to succeed and grow as an individual.”
"Even though I do already have a job in a dispensary, I learned a lot more about each specific terpene and cannabanoid, and their applications. I learned more about the history of medical marijuana and other careers in our industry. It was an extremely enjoyable experience, and I will be recommending this course to all my colleagues!"
"I enjoyed how interactive and engaging the staff was throughout the entire event. They were able to cram 4+ hours of cannabis information, and had plenty of time for various questions. Everything was handled expertly!"
"All questions and concerns were legitimately discussed using current data. It was very informative and helped affirm and re-affirm the importance of treating people with respect and dignity.”
"I liked the overall atmosphere of the class. It was very engaging and made me very comfortable to talk about questions and concerns, can’t wait to start work in medical marijuana.”
"I liked that the speakers were able to go more I depth with their information rather than assume the class knew a lot of content. The class gave me confidence that I felt I could have started training that afternoon. Breakfast was a great touch!"
"I enjoyed the fast paced but engaging training course. I learned everything I needed to know and nothing I didn't. The speakers were polite, funny, and down to earth and I felt welcomed. The other students were very friendly too. Overall, it was a great experience! Also kudos for the free bracelet."
"This was my second HempStaff class and once again I had a great time. There is so much knowledge to be learned and HempStaff is the perfect first step to start out your career in the medical cannabis industry."
"I liked that they urged that this was a medicine and emphasized the amount of compassion ad hard work ethic needed in the industry. I also appreciate the amount of value put into the title of a Dispensary Technician."
"I loved the networking available to me. They encouraged us to engage with each other. Very informative and taught me so much about everything medical marijuana."
"The first time I attended this course it was extremely informative, and each time I've returned HempStaff has updated the class with more new information."
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