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The 5 Hiring Practices of Highly Successful Cannabis Business

Hiring is one of the most important decisions your cannabis business will make. Hire the right people and your company will be operating at peak performance. Hire the wrong people and you could be facing a lawsuit. Operating in the cannabis industry is risky business. Which means finding the right people to build your team is essential. Here are 5 hiring practices of highly successful cannabis companies.

1.) Hire Trained Employees

Working in the cannabis industry isn’t like working in other industries. Not only are employees facing stringent regulations, many times they’re also interacting with chronically ill patients. The ability to operate in this space legally and compassionately is key. Training plays a key role in whether candidates are prepared to do this successfully.

When students undergo dispensary training at HempStaff, they are educated about cannabis along with their state’s laws regarding it. HempStaff’s goal is to make sure students become a knowledgeable resource and advocate for patients. Upon receiving a HempStaff certification, training guarantees students are prepared to work in the industry.

A Cannabis business that chooses to hire candidates with some type of cannabis certification are better equipped to serve patients. They’re also more likely to stay in compliance.

2.) Create Clear and Compelling Job Descriptions

Attracting top candidates relies on writing a solid job posting. To hire the right person, businesses must clearly communicate their expectations for potential employees. Employees who work directly with the plant face very strict and complex laws. Even ancillary businesses are still operating in risky terrain. In other words, hiring is not something you want to take a chance on. Your team is the backbone of your business.

So, what should a good job description include? Of course, you’ll want to include things like the specific job duties and expectations. You’ll also want to include any legal requirements for the position. However, you’ll also want to consider what your company is offering potential employees. In other words, why would someone want to work at your dispensary? A successful cannabis business understands that great candidates want to work for great companies

3.) Source Talent Directly

How do you find the best candidates in the cannabis industry? Don’t wait for them to come to you. Posting a job and hoping for a response isn’t going to draw the kind of employees your business is after. Employees are an investment. Hiring quality candidates is an ongoing process. Which means your cannabis business cannot be passive when it comes to recruiting. So how do you find the best talent?

There are a few different ways. First, we recommend going through a reputable staffing agency. It’s helpful to have someone with the expertise who can source candidates for key positions such as dispensary agents, managers, or master growers. Cannabis Staffing agencies have access to top talent in the industry and can source the right people for the position. In addition, we also recommend being active in the cannabis community. Attend industry events and conferences when you’re able to. Not only will you learn a lot in the process, you’re more likely to meet qualified candidates.

4.) Ask the Right Questions

Once you’ve narrowed down top candidates, you need to determine whether or not they’re the best match for your business. This happens during the interview. The interview is a crucial component in the hiring process. The a successful cannabis business knows that asking the right questions is key to hiring the best people for their team. So what are good questions to ask?

Why do you want to work here?

Goal: Gauge a candidate’s motivation for working at your business by asking this important question. Do applicants seem enthusiastic? Are they aware of your company’s culture? How about your products? An interviewee’s response will give you a lot of insight into what motivates and interests them

How do you stay up to date on developments in the cannabis industry?

Goal: You want to hire employees who are passionate, driven, and knowledgeable about the industry. Ignorance of the law is not an excuse for cannabis companies to be acting out of compliance. By asking this question, you can get a better idea of how educated a candidate is on current cannabis legislation.

Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?

Goal: The applicant’s response will tell you a lot about their goals and aspirations. You can determine whether or not a candidate views your company as a long-term investment or a short-term gain.

Above all, be specific. Each job has its own unique set of requirements. What you would want to ask an investor is not the same as what you would want to ask a budtender, for example. Work with your staff or a medical marijuana recruiting agency to devise the best interview questions for your business.

5.) Offer Competitive Compensation

Top talent in the cannabis industry requires top dollar. Companies who offer competitive wages are more likely to source the best candidates. After all, no one likes working for someone who doesn’t offer a decent wage. Like any industry, there are numerous levels of compensation when it comes to cannabis jobs. Entry-level positions such as a trimmer may only pay around $10-12 an hour while a master grower could be paid a salary in the six figures range.

What is considered a competitive wage will be relative. Factors such as cost of living and the level of skill required for the position must be taken into consideration. However, businesses that care about their employees and want to build powerful teams must compensate accordingly. Trying to skimp on an employee’s wage is a surefire way to set up a business for failure. So, do your homework and be prepared to pay employees what they’re worth.

Have a question when it comes to hiring for your cannabis business? Let us know in the comments below or contact our team directly for assistance.