How to become a Cannabis Master Grower

How to Become a Master Grower

The below is information on cannabis cultivation and working your way up to be a Master Grower. f you are looking to create a personal grow, check out our Personal Cannabis Cultivation Course.

The cannabis industry is expected to be worth $31.4 billion by the year 2021. Based on these predictions, it’s evident that the employment opportunities within the industry will also grow.

The position of Master Grower, or the Director of Cultivation, is one of those positions highly sought after in the cannabis growing industry.

While many consider this title an honor, not everyone knows how to become a Master Grower.

Keep reading this article for tips on how to become a cannabis boss.

Master Grower: What Does it Mean?

As more states change their medicinal and recreational marijuana laws, the role of a Master Grower has legitimized in the industry.

A Master Grower is a person who has dedicated their career to perfect the cultivation of cannabis. Although there are some exceptions, a Master Grower usually holds a Master’s Degree in botany or horticulture.

You can still become an excellent Master Grower if you don’t have that specific level of education, as there are also Master Growers, with other various forms of education, but have over 5 years’ experience cultivating cannabis in a large legal setting.

Know What You’re Talking About

Although some people think they have what it takes to be a Master Grower, they must know what they’re talking about. It’s not enough to think you can create the right cannabis strain, you must know the basics.

A Master Grower knows the ins and outs of cultivating cannabis. Make sure you are completely comfortable with the stages of growing — clone/seed, flower, and vegetable. Don’t throw around these terms unless you know exactly what they mean.

Also, you must be familiar with the optimal environmental factors such as ventilation, temperature, light, water, humidity, etc.

You can’t grow a great plant unless you feed it the right nutrients, keep pests away, fix pH levels, and keep it healthy.

Master Growers must know all the state regulations and how to follow them. They must know how to deal with state inspectors, as well as state and federal law enforcement officials. They also must know what information needs to be submitted to the state and when. All these guidelines must be followed exactly as set forth by the state to avoid fines, recalls and possibly being shut down.

So, before you earn the title of Master Grower, you need to cultivate cannabis in a legal setting for several years, keeping all of the factors mentioned above in mind.

Be Ready to Put in The Work

The work of a Master Grower never ends. Master Growers are in charge of growing cannabis on a larger scale.

Most people who grow it as a hobby don’t have any idea all the work it takes to grow in 10,000-50,000 square foot plus plants as supposed to 200 square foot.

If you want to become a Master Grower, know that you will have to put in a lot of work and many hours a day.

Also, you shouldn’t expect this job to be fun and exciting every day. Most Master Growers spend their time observing each plant. They must track the plant’s growth cycle, feed, water, and watch out for health issues.

Although it can get tedious and repetitive on a day to day, once the plant is harvested it will be quite rewarding.

Duties of a Master Grower

As mentioned before, a Master Grower has a long list of responsibilities. When looking for a Master Grower, a licensed cannabis grower will look for a candidate who has an extensive horticulture background, but someone who also possesses managerial skills.

The duties of a Master Grower include:

  • Extensive knowledge of garden maintenance plus grow and trim rooms
  • Able to work in collaboration with other experts
  • Responsible for hiring and firing employees
  • Expert in plant soil, nutrients, pH levels, and more
  • Know which pests to use depending on the disease
  • Understanding the light requirements for each plant
  • Making sure the crops have the proper temperature, humidity, and ventilation
  • Expert in state laws, Inventory and POS Systems

Based on the level of knowledge and training, the salary of a Master Grower ranges an average of $90,000 a year. Some of the larger cannabis companies pay their Master Growers up to $150,000.

Working Your Way Up

If you wish to become a Master Grower but don’t possess a formal university education in botany or horticulture, there are other ways to become a Master Grower. You can start as a bud trimmer, grow assistant, or budtender, although, some work their way up all three.

Bud Trimmer

As a bud trimmer, you will get your foot in the door of the cannabis industry, which will give you the hands-on experience to become one in the future.

Bud trimmers are in charge of working with the harvested flowers. They snip away any of the sugar and fan leaves.

The trimmer has to make sure the bud is properly manicured. Although this job can be considered monotonous, being a trimmer is an important job in the overall process.

Grow Assistant

After spending some time as a bud trimmer, or if they have some education or nursery experience, a person can become a grow assistant. A grow assistant also works closely with other cannabis growers.

When working as a grow assistant, you will have more of an opportunity to work with the growers. This is a great opportunity to ask important questions and absorb the knowledge of other cannabis growers.

How to Become a Master Grower: The Bottom Line

Now that you know all of the different paths for how to become a Master Grower, it’s time you decide which one makes more sense for you.

You can go the traditional route and start attending college to get a bachelor or masters education in botany or horticulture. Others prefer to get a job in the industry and work their way up over about the same amount of time it takes to earn a college degree.

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