Only $79! HempStaff has been training Dispensary Agents in Illinois since 2015! We are proud to now be accredited in Illinois to teach the Responsible Vendor Training class. This course is for owners and dispensary employees that must complete the state-required Illinois Responsible Vendor Training. The cost for this 2 Hour Training is a special price of $79!

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This is an annual course REQUIRED for Illinois Dispensary Owners and Agents, no later than 90 days after hire. This certification must be updated annually.

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“The company I’m employed with sent another company to us to do this same training and it was chaotic and very vague, you could tell they did not have experience in the industry, when the hempstaff offer of the webinar landed in my email I was excited to take this to compare. Stellar training as always, Hempstaff is a much more professional and superior training program.” -Recent Student Review

Below are some FAQ Answers on this training:

 What topics are covered in the required Illinois Responsible Vendor Training?

Training modules must include training on:

  • Health and safety concerns of cannabis use, including the responsible use of cannabis, its physical effects, onset of physiological effects, recognizing signs of impairment, and appropriate responses in the event of overconsumption;
  • Laws and regulations on driving while under the influence;
  • Sales to minor prohibitions;
  • All relevant Illinois laws and rules;
  • Acceptable forms of identification, including how to check identification and common mistakes made in verification;
  • Safe storage of cannabis;
  • Compliance with all inventory tracking regulations;
  • Waste handling, management, and disposal;
  • Health and safety standards at the dispensary;
  • Maintenance of records;
  • Security and surveillance requirements;
  • Permitting inspections by State and local licensing and enforcement authorities;
  • Privacy issues; and
  • Packaging and labeling requirements

Who needs to receive training from a Responsible Vendor?

All owners, managers, employees, and agents involved in the handling or sale of cannabis or cannabis-infused products employed by an adult use dispensing organization or medical cannabis dispensing organization as defined in Section 10 of the Compassionate Use of Medical Cannabis Program Act.

Are all Principal Officers required to receive training from a Responsible Vendor?

The only agents that are required to receive the Responsible Vendor Training are those involved in the handling or sale of cannabis or cannabis-infused products. However, all agents, including all Principal Officers, must meet the 8-hour training requirement found in Section 15-65(a)(5) of the Cannabis Regulation and Tax Act.

Can a Responsible Vendor provide all 8 hours of the training required by Section 15- 65(a)(5)?

Yes, provided the training meets all the requirements of Section 15-40(i)(3) and 15-65(a)(5) of the Cannabis Regulation and Tax Act. Currently, HempStaff offers a 2 hour add on, which covers cannabinoids, terpenes and cannabis products in depth and gives you 4 hours of the required 8 hours of training. An additional 4-hour course will also be offered in 2020, so you will cover all your required annual training with HempStaff courses.

When must individuals receive the training from a Responsible Vendor?

The training must be received within 90 days of September 1, 2019 or within 90 days before or after the first day of employment at a dispensary, whichever is later. Training received outside of the 90-day window will not meet the training requirement imposed by Section 15-40(i) of the Cannabis Regulation and Tax Act. The Commission and the student will be sent a Certificate of completion within 48 hours of completing the training.

How often must individuals receive training from a Responsible Vendor?

Training must be received annually.

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