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10 Highly Rewarding Medical Marijuana Careers

Are you looking into medical marijuana careers?  There are many cannabis jobs available, but many people ask:  How can I get a job in the cannabis industry?

The below is a small amount of information on how jobs in a Cannabis and Hemp. For a full 4 hour class on this check out our Nationwide Marijuana Dispensary Training, our Basic Cannabis Training or our Advanced Cannabis Training.

Despite federal prohibition, the cannabis industry is growing rapidly. In fact, by 2026 cannabis may be a 50 billion dollar industry. So naturally, many people are curious about how to enter this massive market.

If you’ve been thinking about applying your expertise to the cannabis industry, keep reading. We’ve rounded up 10 highly rewarding cannabis careers.


  1. Budtender

Many who are looking for medical marijuana careers are looking to work in a dispensary. Budtenders, also referred to as dispensary agents, are the frontlines of the marijuana industry. They are the first person someone sees when walking into a dispensary. Therefore, communication along with knowledge of cannabis is key. Budtenders are assisting patients who may be facing serious medical conditions. People who love helping others and are passionate about cannabis make the best budtenders.  Keep in mind budtender positions can be very competitive. In fact, dispensary agents are one of the most highly sought out jobs in the industry. Candidates who seek medical marijuana dispensary training are at an advantage for the best employment opportunities.

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  1. Dispensary Manager

Are you a pro when it comes to cannabis products and people management? Dispensary managers are in charge of overseeing daily operations. The ability to handle multiple activities at once is vital. Dispensary managers not only communicate with budtenders, they’re also interacting with other key management figures like head of sales, accounting, or security, for example. On top of this, dispensary managers must make sure they’re operating in state compliance. Keep in mind most dispensaries will require managers to have at least two years of retail management experience as well as previous cannabis dispensary agent experience.


  1. Trimmer

If you want to work hands-on in the industry, finding a trimming position can be an excellent way to start your cannabis career. It’s by far one of the most common ways to enter the industry. So what does a trimmer exactly do? Trimmers manicure and prepare plants. In simple terms, trimmers work to assure the buds you see at a dispensary are nothing short of beautiful.  While trimming used to be a seasonal job – with year round indoor warehouse in every state, this is no longer the case. The rapidly growing demand for cannabis has paved the way for full-time trimmer positions.


  1. Laboratory Assistant

Consumers want to know the cannabis they are consuming is as clean and pure as producers claim it to be. The need for qualified testing facilities is imminent and every newer state has required lab testing. Laboratories ensure that the cannabis sold is actually free of pesticides and heavy metals. In addition, some testing facilities also examine the cannabinoid and terpene content. If you are someone with a background in chemistry or science, a career as a laboratory assistant may be the perfect fit for you.


  1. Master Grower

The highest paid position in our list of medical marijuana careers: Master Grower.  Are you an experienced LEGAL cannabis cultivator? While securing a position as a Master Grower is no easy task, if you meet the qualifications, it can be a highly rewarding career. Master Growers oversee the operations of the entire grow. In a single day, they may be responsible for maintaining the grow environment, training employees, monitoring plants, meeting with inspectors and much more. While this job involves long hours, Master Growers can expect to earn between $80-120k+ depending on the size and location of the facility.  However, don’t expect to be a master grower unless you have been a legal cannabis warehouse grower (minimum 10,000 sq. ft) for at least 3-5 years.


  1. Extraction Specialist

Extraction Specialists are some of the highest paying positions in the cannabis industry and for good reason. The job hazards are extremely high. A simple mistake can be life threatening. Therefore, extractors must be extremely knowledgeable about a variety of extraction techniques, including CO2 and Butane. In addition, they should also be prepared to maintain detailed record keeping for compliance and accuracy.  Experience is a must. Most extraction specialists worked in a legal cannabis extraction plant for 2-3 years before being promoted to the top person.


  1. Cannabis Chef

The world of cannabis cuisine is evolving. Long gone are the days when the only edibles you could find were medicated brownies. From infused sushi to soup, the sky is the limit for cannabis food, depending on your state regulations. Curious what types of job opportunities are available? If you have the culinary expertise, you’re in an excellent position to pursue a position as a cannabis chef or edible expert. However, these are certainly not the only options. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box!


  1. Accountant

The demand for talented accountants in the cannabis industry is growing daily. Cannabis companies, especially those who are directly operating with the plant, face tremendous challenges when it comes to budgeting, payroll, and taxes. Not to mention the massive banking issues. Cannabis businesses need skilled professionals to help them overcome these challenges. If you’re an accounting professional, there are ample opportunities to apply your expertise to this growing industry.


  1. Marketing/Sales

When people this of medical marijuana careers, sales and marketing and not often considered. Are you an expert marketer with a passion for cannabis? If so, a career in marijuana marketing may be right up your alley. Cannabis is moving out of the black market and into a legal industry. This means new businesses are entering the space daily! Companies that want to make a real impact need a solid marketing plan, but most states have extremely strict advertising guidelines when it comes to cannabis so a solid background will come in handy. This is usually limited to recreational/adult use states, as many medical marijuana only states have banned many types of marketing techniques.


  1. Security

Last in our list of medical marijuana careers.  Operating in the cannabis industry is risky business, particularly for dispensary owners and cultivators. Cannabis businesses are highly susceptible to theft. You are dealing with an extremely valuable commodity along with large amounts of cash. Therefore, taking protective measures are vital. Security professionals may be employed to work on-site at dispensaries to increase employee and patient safety, but more often they are employed by the cultivation centers. In addition, security personnel will be responsible for the many pieces of electronic security equipment (cameras, monitors, alarms, duress codes).

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